Your 20s and 30s are often considered a memorable period. You see, when you enter that age, there are various opportunities that you can explore, both in terms of career and personal life. For example, like you who decide to open a business. Surely, being a young entrepreneur gives you a lot of experience, right? Especially if you still have minimal responsibilities. Of course, you won’t have much trouble making a decision.


However, that does not mean that life as a young person is not challenging! In fact, not a few people experience anxiety and uncertainty when they are in their 20s to 30s. They usually question again about what exactly are the goals and plans they want to do. This state is also known as the quarter-life-crisis (QLC). So, what is QLC and what are the tips for dealing with it? Find out through the reviews below!


Quarter Life Crisis, Challenges faced by the younger generation


Quarter life crisis (QLC) refers to times of uncertainty and confusion that leave people feeling disappointed, trapped, and uninspired when they are in their mid-20s and early 30s. There are various things that can indicate someone is experiencing QLC, such as a business owner who feels his business is not growing compared to his colleagues. Basically, there are several things that could indicate you are experiencing QLC, such as:


  • Not have a strong determination towards career path, relationships, or life goals
  • Find it difficult to make a decision
  • Have no motivation
  • Often feel tired, anxious, stressed, or depressed
  • Worried about being "left behind" compared to others


4 phases that can arise during the Quarter Life Crisis


QLC can appear when you are experiencing a transition period, for example a change from college to the work life. Meanwhile, someone who is experiencing QLC can also go through 4 phases, namely:


1. Feeling trapped


At this time, you will feel uncertain and stuck with the choices you have made.


2. Lonely


If you experience this period, then you will experience a sense of being alone and separated from the things that you previously had, be it a group of friends, work environment, or a partner.


3. Reflection


At this stage, you will begin to do some introspection and get to know yourself so that you will understand, what you really want.


4. Understanding


This phase is the final phase of QLC. When you enter the understanding phase, you will have a more open mind, higher motivation, and a positive outlook for the future.


Overcome the Quarter Life Crisis from yourself!


1. Get used to empathy


When you get into the habit of empathizing with yourself, you can appreciate and accept yourself more for who you are. Maybe when you were a child you already decided what you want to be when you grow up. However, these desires can change along with the life choices you meet. This change will certainly make you feel uncomfortable, but you must continue to go through it as a process to find your identity.


2. Appreciate the discomfort you feel


It is undeniable, making decisions is not easy, especially if you experience things that make you feel uncomfortable. When you have made a choice, you will at the same time feel like you are missing out on other opportunities. This often makes you doubt whether you have made the right decision or not. However, remember that the feelings you are experiencing are normal.


When experiencing QLC, you will think that the reality you are facing is the opposite of what you think. Of course, this will make you experience an identity crisis and lack of confidence. On the one hand, you think that you can’t be yourself. On the other hand, you don’t even know what you really need to do. Well, to overcome QLC, you can do the following ways.


3. Learn to dare to make decisions


Making big decisions is not easy. There are various considerations you need to make. However, you need to understand that there is no right or wrong decision. You see, the most important thing is how you make choices that will make you grow. So, if you want to understand yourself and what your goals are, start learning to make decisions.


4. Always see opportunity, not fear


Make sure you don’t make decisions out of fear. Instead, start to focus on seeing the opportunities that you can get based on the decisions you make. Instead of just limiting yourself to assuming that you can’t leave your current position, you can consider what you want and the type of job you’re interested in. Well, if you want to develop your skills, don’t hesitate to take various online classes on Luarsekolah!


Although you may experience many disappointments during the Quarter Life Crisis, this period can be a great opportunity for you to grow and know yourself better.


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