What comes to your mind when you hear the word fish & chip? Of course, most of us will mention that this one menu comes from England and tends to be priced high. Well, uniquely in Jakarta, we can find this delicious menu at an affordable price and according to the tastes of the Indonesian people. Especially if it’s not at a Fish & Cheap Restaurant.


At the Fish & Cheap restaurant located at Ruko Garden Shopping Arcade Tanjung Duren, Sondang who is the manager of Fish & Cheap explained that this restaurant has been established since June 8, 2017. Visitors can find various choices of western and asian menus that suit the tastes of the Indonesian people. Moreover, all food and drinks at Fish & Cheap are guaranteed safe and fresh. There are no preserved food and drink ingredients.


Through the presentation of luxurious menus at affordable prices, Fish & Cheap presents a variety of menu options, ranging from seafood, chicken, and beef. Some examples of Fish & Cheap menus that we can try are Dory Fried Fish, Aglio, Smoked Chicken, Smoked Beef, and various side dishes. All of these menus can be eaten at Fish & Cheap restaurants or ordered online.


Of course, in addition to serving a variety of food and beverages, Mr. Sondang and his team also provide a variety of additional services that can be tailored to customer needs. Examples include providing a place for birthday events, Sweet 17th, and other parties. Even Mr. Sondang himself is usually the MC at these events!


Meanwhile, during this pandemic, Mr. Sondang does not deny that there are challenges. However, instead of just complaining, Mr. Sondang advised that it would be better if we all worked and kept trying to give our best. Because basically, the results of our efforts will depend on what we do.


Another important thing that also needs to be implemented to make a place of business, especially the F&B business, continue to grow is the cohesiveness of the team. As a manager, Mr. Sondang realizes how important it is to be a good listener to anyone, from the waitress and supervisor. Because without their role, the team’s performance will not be able to take place optimally.


In addition to the compactness and totality of service, Fish & Cheap’s commitment to prioritizing customers is also seen in the service to pay non-cash. So, customers don’t have to wait long in line at the checkout counter. Those who forget to bring their wallet can still make payments via e-wallet.


This is because Fish & Cheap provides Cashlez, One Solution for All Business Transactions. In one application, business actors can get the cashier feature as well as various non-cash payment options which of course will minimize direct contact with customers. So, customers and business actors will remain comfortable when transacting. Moreover, proof of payment can be sent directly to the customer’s e-mail and transaction reports can be checked automatically by business actors through the Cashlez Reporting dashboard.


In addition to providing applications, Cashlez also provides payment machines that can accept various credit/debit cards bearing the VISA, MasterCard, GPN, and JCB logos. This payment machine is available in three types, namely Cashlez Reader Non Printer and Cashlez Reader Printer which are connected to the Cashlez App via Smartphone, and CashlezONE which can accept payments using cards while providing Cashlez App in one device.


The decision to continue to grow must of course be accompanied by a strong commitment and teamwork. Come on, let’s learn together from Mr. Sondang’s inspiration to keep moving forward even though we are in times of crisis like this pandemic!

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