Do you know? MSMEs in Indonesia are the largest contributor to business actors compared to other business scales. Reporting from, 99.99% of business actors in Indonesia are MSME owners. Not surprisingly, MSME actors are often referred to as economic pillars.


Even though they have great potential and make a significant contribution to economic growth, MSMEs in Indonesia also face challenges. This can cause their business to be hampered. So, what are the things that can make your business not grow? Find out through the following explanation!

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1. Haven’t implemented cashless payments yet


It is undeniable, today’s business people need to integrate their business with technology. You see, there are various technological solutions that will help you. At first, carrying out digital transformation may seem challenging. However, through user-friendly business services such as the Cashlez App, you can provide a practical cashless payment system. There are various payment options that customers can use, such as debit/credit cards, QR payments, and payment links. Not only that, relying on digital-based business solutions will also allow you to apply automation to your business, one of which is recording real-time transactions through Cashlez Reporting.


2. Limited capital and constraints on cash flow


Both capital and cash flow have a significant effect on the smooth running of the business. Without having sufficient capital and smooth cash flow, it will be difficult for you to grow your business. To overcome this, you can apply for business funding and include sales reports from the Cashlez Reporting feature as one of the supporting documents. Not only that, those of you who are already Cashlez merchants can also apply for KoinBisnis funding.

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3. Not enjoying time off


When you open a business, you may have to work a lot more because there are various things to do, from product preparation, marketing, sales, to customer service. However, you also have to always take time to take a break from all the routines that you do. You see, when you work too much and feel tired, it is your business that can be hampered. Maybe, this boredom causes you to make a hasty decision.


4. Balancing between quality and development


MSME players who want to develop their products and services often face challenges, such as ensuring that the quality of products and services is maintained. As a result, there are MSME actors who choose not to try new opportunities and stick with the existing business model. In fact, this opportunity can not only bring in more profit, but also have a positive impact on customers and society.


5. Not reaching the appropriate customer category


You already provide superior products and services. However, your business is still having trouble making sales. This could be because you haven’t offered products to the right customer categories. To overcome this, you need to first identify what the target customer criteria are like. If you sell formal clothes, then your target customers may be office workers. After understanding this, optimize marketing through the use of online advertising, website content, and interactions through social media.


Whatever type of business you run, you will always face challenges. However, when you recognize the causes of these obstacles, then you can anticipate and make your business grow. Among the factors above, what factors have hampered your business?

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