In Indonesia, the coin laundry business may still be rarely found because this business is usually only found in big cities. Different from the usual laundry business, coin laundry service users do not need to worry if their clothes are lost or exchanged because they themselves will wash their clothes. If you are not familiar with this type of business, let’s look at the facts about the coin laundry business!

1. Quick return on investment
Different from the usual types of laundry business, coin laundry requires customers to pay when they want to use laundry services. Therefore, capital that has been used will also quickly turn around. Meanwhile, the kiloan laundry business owner needs to wait for several days for his customers to come and pay for the laundry costs he uses.

2. Don’t need a lot of customers
Since your own customers will wash their clothes, you don’t need to employ many customers. So, your staff might only be responsible for helping customers, monitoring the laundry process by the customer, as well as being a cashier when customers want to transact.

3. Employees do not need special skills
Employees at kilo laundry certainly need to have at least one expertise, namely washing. However, the employees that you employ in the coin laundry business do not need to have that expertise. What is important, he can operate the washing machine in order to help your customers.

4. Easier to manage
Because it’s more practical, the coin laundry business is easier to manage. You will not face problems such as clothes that are lost or exchanged. You can also recapitulate your income in coin laundry every day by becoming a Cashlez Merchant who gets free sales report access.

5. Able to open other businesses
While waiting for their clothes to be washed, you can offer other services to your customers, such as playing board games or a coffee shop so they can enjoy the freshness of contemporary drinks.

Opening a coin laundry business is a potential that you should try as a millennial generation. Especially now, there are many coin laundry francs that make it easy for you to start a business without preparing everything from the start.
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