The Covid-19 pandemic that hasn’t ended has made many people start looking for other alternatives to fill their spare time. Apart from exercising, another hobby that you can do at home is farming. So, what if we don’t have a large area to do it? At present, land area is not a problem because we can use hydroponic techniques that do not require a lot of land. Apart from being used as a hobby, there are many agricultural business actors who are interested in running a hydroponic business. So, what are the advantages of this one business? Here’s the explanation!

1. Suitable for business owners who are still beginners
Hydroponics is a plant cultivation system that can be developed easily. To cultivate hydroponic plants, you can use water as a planting medium, different from the method of planting which usually uses soil media. Hence, cultivation of hydroponic plants requires simpler maintenance. There are several types of hydroponic planting techniques that you can do, for example, such as a wick system where materials are affordable and easy to move or an irrigation system that only requires fertilization during the watering period.

2. Can be done in dense settlements
So far, maybe you think that agricultural business can only be done in areas that are not densely populated such as in rural areas. But now, even those of you who live in dense urban areas can start an agricultural business through the hydroponic system. So, you don’t need to bother looking for a large area. Meanwhile, to do the planting, you need to adjust the solution container to the size of the plant to be cultivated.

3. Planting media is easy to find
Besides being able to do it at home, hydroponic plant cultivation techniques also require simple planting media. You can use objects around you such as jars, glasses, buckets, and other containers that can be used for planting. Meanwhile, you also need to prepare a layer to wrap the clear container. The coating can be plastic, paint, or aluminum foil. This layer is important to prevent light from entering which can cause moss on the container.

4. Persistence and consistency are required
Even though the hydroponic plant business is one type of business that is easy to do, you must remain consistent and diligent in running it. Learn various information about cultivation using hydroponic techniques so that your business can grow. For example, like using decorations to make hydroponic plants more attractive. In addition, you can also increase the variety of plants that you want to cultivate.

5. Can be grown without pesticides
Hydroponic cultivation of plants is also environmentally friendly. In addition, the hydroponic system also does not use chemical fertilizers so that this system makes the environmental air cooler. For urban communities, hydroponic plants are also very useful for reducing air pollution resulting from forest burning, factory smoke, cigarette smoke, and motor vehicle fumes.

6. Suitable for a variety of plants
Regardless of how much land you use, you can still plant various types of plants using the hydroponic system. Some of them include lettuce, mustard greens, cucumber, spinach, and various other types of green vegetables. Apart from green vegetables, you can also grow tomatoes and chilies because these two types of plants are very suitable to be cultivated using hydroponic techniques.

The Covid-19 pandemic may present us with various trials, but there are also potential business opportunities that we can try during difficult times like these. Don’t forget to switch to a digital business management system with Cashlez, which provides a sales report feature and various non-cash payment options that will make it easier for you to run a hydroponic plant business.

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