The Ramadan Month is a moment that is eagerly awaited. This is because besides being an opportunity for Muslims to train themselves to endure hunger and thirst, the moment of Ramadan is also an opportunity for many business owners to maximize their business. For example, culinary entrepreneurs can present special menus in the Ramadan Month for customers, in the form of takjil culinary delights, various menu choices for suhoor, or parcels to be sent to their loved ones.


The opportunity to increase sales during the fasting month is basically due to the increase in the amount of public consumption. Apart from looking for various foods, they will also need clothes, transportation services, cleaning services, and so on. However, keep in mind that to be able to optimize your business potential during Ramadan, you also need to use effective strategies, such as in the following review!



1. Adjusting business operating hours

Fasting starts from the time of Fajr prayer, which is around 4 am to Maghrib prayer time, which is around 7 pm. Of course, this can affect daily habits, especially for those of us who fast by not eating and drinking during that time. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with adjusting business operating hours.


2. Provide special services

As previously explained, a person who is fasting will certainly adjust his/her daily activities. If he/she usually sleeps longer, now he should go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. Well, as a business actor, you can also provide special services, such as food vendors who operate at night so that customers can buy food for sahur.


3. Check the availability of your product

In order for our efforts to run optimally during the fasting month, we must ensure that our product supplies are sufficient, especially when one week before and one week after Hari Raya. Usually, to ensure product availability, business actors will add stocks 2 to 4 times than usual. Meanwhile, to record inventory, business players can use the Cashlez Premium feature available on the Play Store.


4. Consider security and waiting times

After deciding to increase product stock, we also need to consider the safety of products that are placed in storage. Can these products be neatly arranged without worrying about the risk of damage? In addition, you also need to estimate the product deadline, especially when the flow of transportation is getting busier.


5. Present promotions to attract customers

In special moments such as Ramadan and Eid, we can present temporary products and certain promos to increase customer purchasing power. For example, products that are specially designed with the theme of Eid or bundling products are offered at special prices.


6. Invite customers to participate in charities

In this blessed month, we can invite our customers to share with others who are in need. We don’t have to offer direct donations, but it can also be in the form of donations from every product purchase they make. Do this campaign within one to two weeks, after that, we can immediately make a donation and document it for participating customers.


Momentum is very important for every business actor. Because by taking advantage of the right moment, they can maximize the performance of their shop. Approaching Ramadan this year, which business strategies have you implemented?

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