Sometimes, your business can run into difficult situations that make you lose enthusiasm. For example when there is an increase in the price of staples that causes you spend more money. On the one hand, you need extra budget to buy these staples. But on the other hand, your customers can also decrease if you increase the price of the product. No matter how difficult the situation in your business is, you cannot give up. The reason is, even successful business owners have experienced failures, such as the 4 following figures!

1. Bob Sadino
This famous businessman who has an eccentric style has gone through many ups and downs of life. From driving the car he rented himself to becoming a construction worker. When he was a construction worker, Bob saw the potential of the domestic chicken and chicken egg business. With the capital of his neighbor’s loan, he then began sell the eggs by visiting a house to another house until later he succeeded in establishing a supermarket called Kem-Chicks.

2. Walt Disney
We all know how amazing Walt Disney works. But behind its success, have we ever wondered how could he make a lots of achievement? Walt Disney has gone through so many bad experiences and rejections, ranging from copyright theft of his first work to the character of Mickey Mouse which was rejected because mice are considered as animals that make women afraid.

3. Susi Pudjiastuti
Besides serving as Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia under President Jokowi, Susi is a businesswoman ficused in the field of fisheries. Who would have thought, this achievement began only with IDR 750,000 as her financial capital which she got after selling her jewelry. Then, she began selling fish bought from auction sites to various restaurants. Although it had stalled, Susi’s business finally succeeded in reaching fish exports.

4. Fred Smith
For Fred Smith, getting a C on his college assignments is not something that needs to be lamented. Instead, he instead developed the task into a business concept that is now very large and spread in various parts of the world. This was then made into an innovation which ultimately had a major impact on logistics and package delivery systems.

Receding business conditions you should not make an excuse to give up on your dreams. It is precisely at such times, your determination is being tested and you can learn a lot from the things that happened.
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