Life is never constant. We will always experience changes which sometimes make us feel pressured. It can be failure, loss, separation, and many more. But basically, the stressful circumstances we have can be caused by two main factors, namely what happens and how we expect something. 


Even though pressure is inevitable, it doesn’t mean that we can’t cope with it and keep calm. Instead, we have the power to control ourselves and do our best. The good news is, the simple thing we need to start is by taking it easy on yourself. Novy Indahsari, our Merchant Operations Officer explained how focusing on ourselves helps us in every aspect of our lives.


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Our mistakes aren’t final, they’re opportunities to grow


Joining the Cashlez Operations Department since 19 March 2019, Novy has taken part in various tasks. At first, she replaced another Cashlezian who was still taking her maternity leave. She had also been in charge of processing payment feature activation requests. Now, she focuses on processing our new merchants’ registrations. 


Indeed, it was not easy to adapt to a new working environment. We might also make some mistakes during our journey. But for Novy, instead of becoming overwhelmed by our failures, learning from them is much more crucial so that we won’t repeat them and improve ourselves. Besides, we also need to keep open to the team who can give insights and support us.


Helping others means helping ourselves, too


One of the most challenging things in our lives might be the way we maintain relationships with others. Having conflicts with others can bring us pressure, right? So, Even though we have known each other for a long time, we have to make sure that we always show respect and give them personal space when it’s needed. 


According to Novy, we don’t need to directly push others to solve the issues. Give ourselves time to take a break for a while. After that, we can continue to create progress. This is also the reason why practicing empathy is necessary. The better we can recognize others’ circumstances, the faster we can help them.

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Actions speak louder than words


Have you ever been disheartened because of others’ opinions? Novy did! When she was an elementary school student, Novy had to get some surgeries which caused her 6 month absence. After that, she had also skipped the sports class so she was considered a weak person.


However, Novy believed that what others said was wrong, so she started to join Pramuka (Indonesian Scout Movement) until she was a college student to practice her physical abilities. She also hiked the mountain for the first time when she was in high school. Now, hiking isn’t used to prove others anymore, but rather becomes her choice to reconnect with nature.


“Let these steps continue wherever they go, because early age will not repeat itself to create experiences and memories.” - Novy Indahsari -


We might have never been able to control the pressure in our lives, but we always have the ability to improve our self control by managing our expectations, demands, and behavior. So, even if it isn’t instant, let’s start to stay positive and find our own peace!


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