As a business owner, have you ever felt that your time was too limited, when you had so much to do? Basically, not a few business owners also experience the same thing so that in the end, they feel less motivated and easily tired when carrying out daily activities. Well, to overcome this, you need to manage time more effectively. Let’s find out more about what time management is and tips to be more productive!

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What is time management?


Time management is a strategy that you use to plan and manage the time you use when you do something. Someone who can manage time effectively can get the job done faster. Not surprisingly, the ability to manage time is essential, especially when you are facing a deadline.


Why do business owners need to manage time?


Running a profession as a business owner is not just selling goods and transacting with customers. You certainly have to prepare a sales strategy starting from the initial stages, such as production and marketing plans to potential customers. This process is not instant so you need to first have the ability to manage time before you start managing your business. And of course, when business owners can manage time, then you can minimize problems that can arise.

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What do business owners need to manage time?


You have understood the importance of managing time effectively. Now, you also need to know what things are important to do so that the 24 hours a day you have can be used effectively. So, you can work without a lack of rest time.


1. Identify things that can distract you


Anyone can experience distraction, including you. However, to minimize these distractions, you need to first identify what things are distracting you. Make notes to make it easier for you to find solutions to eliminate them. For example, you who use social media too much can set an alarm to limit these activities.


2. Determine your golden time


When do you usually get productive in one day? Maybe, you are an early riser and tend to do work in the morning. However, you can also include people who are actually productive at night. If you understand how you can maximize the potential you have, then you can maximize your performance.


3. Not multitasking


Do you know? The human brain can only do one thing at a time. Therefore, if you are multitasking, you will indirectly distract your brain. As a result, work that should be completed in a short time can actually take longer.


4. Use Eisenhower’s principle and 80/20


This time management technique comes from a famous figure Dwight D. Eisenhower who said that "What is important is usually not urgent, while urgent things are usually not important." This statement is also related to the 80/20 principle which says that 80% of results are determined by 20% of the effort you put in. Therefore, based on these principles, you need to determine which things are important and which ones you can put aside.


5. Use the pomodoro technique


The pomodoro technique was first developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. When you do this technique, you need to focus for 25 minutes on one task. To be more effective, you can set an alarm for 25 minutes, then after the alarm sounds, then you can rest for 5 minutes. Next, you can go back to work for 25 minutes.


As one of the most important resources for humans, we need to use time wisely. You see, the time that has passed you will no longer be able to get it. Come on, get used to discipline so that you can develop and have a balanced life. So, so that you can manage your business effectively, study with experienced facilitators from This platform provides various online and offline courses to improve your skills. For those of you who want to take Learning to Become a Clothing Industry Entrepreneur and Learn Photography Techniques to Become a Photographer using a prakerja card, then you can get a bonus e-Wallet worth 50,000 coins!


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