Have you ever felt unmotivated because your business has not progressed? It feels like wanting to leave what you’ve started and lazing around all day. Maybe, if you just feel unmotivated for a while, it could mean you need to take a break. However, what if you constantly lose motivation?


In order not to be trapped in this condition, it’s a good idea to apply the concept of ikigai that emerged from the habits of Japanese society. As we know, Japanese people are known for their disciplined attitude, hard work, and high motivation. Well, the concept of ikigai makes them more excited about their daily activities. Since this concept is general, you can also apply it to managing a business. Check out the following tips!


  1. Start with your passion first

So that you can regain your motivation, you will certainly need to start from your passion first. Find out what are you interested in so you can present authentic business ideas so that your products and services also become special. In the business world, of course, passion is also related to what activities motivate you and your team to keep growing. This can be in the form of certain accomplishments, such as the contribution your business makes to society, forming a customer community as a forum for discussion, or your sense of satisfaction after providing optimal service.


  1. Make sure you learn skills that are related to passion

Now, after passion, another pillar of ikigai that you need to apply is to recognize what your skills are and how to learn skills that are related to your passion. Maybe, you like to do many things, but not all things you can completely master. This is only natural, so in the ikigai concept, you need to train various skills related to your business passion. Different from the notion of "do what we love, the results will follow you," the concept of ikigai emphasizes the importance of trying the best at what we love.


  1. Offer products and services that people need

Regardless of what business you are running, of course you need to try something that is useful for society. If not, of course, the efforts you make will be in vain and you will feel unappreciated. So, start focusing on providing services and products that people need. In a pandemic era like this, for example, you can provide non face-to-face payment services to reduce direct contact with customers. Besides that, also identify what the market segment of your business is like. If for example you are selling contemporary clothes, of course you have to focus on attracting the attention of millennials.


  1. Maximize income from what you offer

After you find an interest, hone your skills, and adapt it to the needs of society, another thing you need to do is maximize the income from what you offer. However, keep in mind that getting profit on target is not instant. You need a process to continue learning and evaluating the things that you have done. So, if you feel that you can’t implement this one pillar, don’t be discouraged!


The four main pillars of the ikigai concept help us to live life in a more balanced manner. In business matters, of course you can apply this concept from the business plans that will be carried out. And of course, you also need to pay attention to the values of the products that will be offered to customers.


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