Managing a business is not easy because you need consistency and totality. If you are not focused, then the results you get will not be satisfying. The same thing applies if you continue a family business that is basically managed by several people. Of course, you cannot use the same way in managing a family business and managing your own business. There are some things that you must pay attention to so that you can contribute optimally to the business that your family has.


  1. Make the rules clear

Every business, including the family business, needs to have clear rules to distinguish the responsibilities of each person. This is important to avoid conflicts between people involved in the business. For example, you for example have the responsibility to manage the goods inventory. Meanwhile, your parents are responsible in monitoring business finances, both income and expenses. Then, your brother can perform other roles, such as managing a store and marketing products online .


  1. Distinguish personal interests and business interests

One of the challenges often experienced by family business owners is to distinguish between personal interests and business interests. Basically, you need to realize that business is a professional world. So even if the business is a family business, a person cannot mix his personal affairs with the business. It’s important for each of you and your family to remind each other about this.


  1. Provide learning opportunities for future generations

Because it is hereditary, family businesses also need to consider who are the potential people to continue the business that has been established. Of course, there are many things to consider, starting from the person’s willingness, experience, and willingness to continue to develop a business. Therefore, often the next generation also begins to be involved in some simple business matters.


  1. Maintain transparency

As we know, income of a business is certainly a sensitive matter. However, you need to remember that every family member involved in a business certainly has the right to know the financial condition of the business. Don’t let things be covered up and confusing. You and other family members can discuss about financial disclosure periodically, for example once a week so that everyone can find out about the business performance updates .


  1. Communicate with each other

Did you know that simple things can have a big impact? This is evident in the way to communicate between family members. In running a family business, good communication is something you need to prioritize to avoid misunderstanding. Actually, maintaining communication is not difficult even though you and your family members may not meet often. You can take advantage of instant messaging and create special groups there as a place for various business updates .


  1. Respect each family member

Even though each family member has different roles, you have to respect all of them because if only one role doesn’t work, the business will definitely be hampered. At times, you might have to help each other when a family member is sick and can’t do their job. This is very natural, like a team that helps one another.


Running a family business does have its own challenges. So as long as you can respect each other and carry out the responsibilities given, you can definitely manage them well.
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