Do you realize that since the emergence of the pandemic, business opportunities for frozen food are increasingly being looked at by business actors? Yup, in addition to masks, hand sanitizers, and equipment to support other health protocols, frozen food is also getting more and more fans. You see, frozen food is not only diverse and easy to store, but also easy to serve.


Even though it has great potential, selling frozen food also has its own challenges! You see, you have to make sure that the quality of your products is maintained, especially if the distance between your place of business and the customer’s house is quite far. Therefore, you also need to understand how long your product can last at room temperature.


Image Source: Instagram Fresh Factory (@fresh_factory_id)

Opening Opportunities for SMEs to Sell Online

So, does it mean that frozen food entrepreneurs can only reach the nearby customers? Of course not! There is Fresh Factory that provides fulfillment services, aka warehouse storage, to maintain the durability of your products.

Because of its advantages in providing storage for frozen, chilled, and dry products, this Cashlez Merchant can make your online business grow. Of course, ordering between cities is no longer a big problem. You just have to choose which branch warehouse you want to leave your product in.


Widijastoro Nugroho - Chief Marketing Officer Fresh Factory

Increase Sales While Saving Operational Costs

Widijastoro Nugroho who is the Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of Fresh Factory also explained that through the use of this fulfillment service, MSME players also save on shipping costs. Because as we know, postage or postage is often the main obstacle in transacting online.

Now, through this warehouse storage service, you can store product stocks in branch warehouses. So, if there is an order, you can directly send the product from the warehouse that is located closest to the destination address. Not to mention, you can also use the branch admin service from Fresh Factory which will help you manage your store on Marketplace.

And of course, your expansion can be even bigger because Fresh Factory branch warehouses will be present in other big cities in Indonesia, starting from Solo, Yogyakarta, and Bali. In addition, Fresh Factory also added branch warehouses in Jakarta and Surabaya. It’s really interesting, isn’t it? In fact, Fresh Factory was only established on May 1, 2020 yesterday!


Go Digital with Business Solution in This Era

Now, because the development of today’s MSME actors has spread to the online sector, of course Fresh Factory also adjusts its services. Fresh Factory also entrusts Cashlez, a business transaction solution that can accept various types of non-cash payments.

According to Widijastoro Nugroho, Cashlez not only makes it easier for Fresh Factory service users, but also makes it easier for Fresh Factory to manage their finances. You see, managing cash requires a greater cost than managing non-cash.

Widijastoro Nugroho also added that as a partner in payment matters, Cashlez was very supportive to quickly integrate API systems with Fresh Factory. That way, Fresh Factory can use an automated system and reduce the risk of errors due to manual processes.

Meanwhile, Fresh Factory service users usually make payments via the e-wallet top up system or bank transfer. And, because of the Cashlez Reporting feature, the Fresh Factory team can immediately carry out daily reconciliations to manage their cash flow in a practical way. Of course, this really helps Fresh Factory as a dynamic startup.

In every challenge, we will definitely have the opportunity to grow, just like Fresh Factory which provides solutions to the problems of the food and beverage business. So, what innovations do you have for customers?

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