Do you know someone who works in the IT Department? Or are you one of those who use programming languages? You might’ve heard some assumptions about someone who takes a computer science major, such as gamers, anime lovers, introverts, technicians, or even hackers! Well, even though we have some programmer friends who love playing games, of course, those assumptions are not always true.

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Becoming programmers itself creates improvement opportunities for both our personal as well as our professional lives. There are many interesting projects we can explore. One of our IT Cashlezians, Arif Indra Kurnia, told his career-switching story of being a passionate Java Developer!


Switching career? Cool, do what you love!


Before becoming a programmer, the man who is usually called Indra was a data engineer who focused on maintaining databases, servers, and infrastructure. Aimed to try a new opportunity, Indra decided to switch his career and learn to create programs. 

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According to him, this change was not inspired by anyone, but instead, Indra trusted his gut to start walking on the new path. Plus, he realized that Information Technology is continually developing. This means that Indra will be able to explore many interesting things.


Learning by doing is the most effective way


Before joining Cashlez in April 2019, he worked at an IT consulting company, which was also the first time he started a project as a programmer. Then, Indra applied for the Java Developer position at Cashlez.


When he was interviewed by the former CTO of Cashlez, he was told that the Front-end team needed help. Therefore, in the first three months, Indra focused on building the Front-end portion of the projects. In this early working period, he also learned and understood the End-to-End of Cashlez products and services.


Developing projects is more than practicing coding skill


Getting involved in IT projects doesn’t only allow Indra to acquire experience as it also gives him chances to train his logic skills. "As a programmer, it is the most basic ability you need to upskill." By strengthening your logical thinking skill, you’ll become a better problem solver. 


In addition, Indra emphasized that as a person who works closely with software development, programmers should never make any assumption without clear and logical reasons. This is because your judgment will affect your further progress. When you’re doing unnecessary things, you will end up wasting your time and energy.


What should we prepare for our future?


In fact, what you’re doing now will have a significant impact on your future. Effective preparations are needed in order to pursue your career as well as get job satisfaction. In Indra’s point of view, regardless of what field you’re in, you have to be proactive, communicative, and eager to face new challenges.


As a back-end developer, he also told us that understanding the root and the flow of your work is critical. You won’t be able to monitor and evaluate your progress unless you recognize them. Furthermore, don’t forget to set goals so that you can manage your to-do lists.


Just because you don’t know what the future is like, doesn’t mean that you just have to remain the same. Every individual, including you, can create your own path and give the best for yourself and society. So, never stop dreaming and making it come true!


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