In business, the sales process is usually considered complete when the buyer has made payment and received the ordered goods. However, if you want to make your business grow and have more customers, this process is not enough. In addition to convincing customers to buy, you also need to build customer trust so that they continue to shop at your place of business.


Of course, you can increase customer trust in various ways. One of them is to present quality products that are trusted so that the products they use can function optimally. In addition, you also need to focus on maximizing services, for example through the non-cash payment facility from the Cashlez App. Now, in order to increase customer trust to run effectively, business owners also need to prepare a strategy known as after-sales service. Let’s find out more about this strategy and its benefits for your business!

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What is after-sales service?


After-sales service is a service to contact customers who have used a product or service of a brand. This service aims to show a sense of appreciation and attention from a business to its customers. So, the business is not just focused on convincing customers to shop, but also ensuring that customers can get products and services that meet their expectations. There are several types of after-sales service, such as thank you notes, product usage guidelines, customer service access, and product training.

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Why is after-sales service important for your business?


Perhaps, there are still many business owners who have not focused on implementing after-sales service. They consider the process of approaching potential customers to be a priority. Of course, every business should reach out to potential customers, but that doesn’t mean customers who have already shopped don’t make an impact anymore. You see, through an after-sales service strategy, you can experience the following benefits.


1. Get word of mouth referrals


As we know, word of mouth is still an effective marketing strategy. You see, this strategy is carried out by one party to the people closest to them so that the recommendations given can be trusted by them. Well, through the after-sales service strategy, you can also get word of mouth references if your customers are satisfied with the products and services you provide.


2. Build a positive brand image


Businesses that are successful in building after-sales service effectively can build a positive image on your business which of course will also increase customer loyalty. Customers will see your business as a reliable and trustworthy business. Not surprisingly, this positive image can also increase sales figures.


3. Customers return to shopping


When you provide quality post-sales service, it is highly likely that customers will come back to shop. Conversely, when customers do not get good service, they tend to switch to other brands that have professional service quality. So, regardless of how well you sell the product, it’s not enough because your customers need attention after the transaction process is complete.


The after-sales service strategy is not only focused on increasing business revenue, but also providing added value for customers so that they are always satisfied. For customers, you are not just a business owners who sells the goods they need, but also a party who is able to present solutions to the problems they face. So, have you brought after-sales service to your business?

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