Business owners certainly expects their visitors to shop, both those who come to physical stores and those who open online shop sites. However, before arriving at the transaction stage, visitors will make several considerations while looking at the product they want. And, one of the things customers often look for is the credibility of your business.


In today’s digital era, finding information about business credibility is not complicated. In fact, visitors can immediately find out about your business reputation only through their smartphones. So, what are the benefits of building business credibility, especially in the technology-based era? Find out the answer through the following review.


What is business credibility?


Before knowing the role of business credibility, you need to first understand what credibility is. So, business credibility shows how much people trust your business, especially those who are included in the target customer category. To find out the credibility of a business, you can use a simple method, namely through customer response to a brand. The higher the conversion rate of a brand, the higher its credibility.

Keep in mind that credibility is different from authority. Authority is related to your understanding as a business owner. Meanwhile, credibility relates to how other people see your brand.

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The role of business credibility in the digital age


Just like the quality of products and services, high business credibility will also help you to grow your business.


1. Maintain customer loyalty


Business reputation has an important influence on customer loyalty. You see, if customers see a positive influence on your business, for example through product innovation or the presence of non-cash payment services, then they will be more confident to continue to support your brand and buy the products or services that you offer. Even though you have challenges because of competitors, customers remain loyal to your brand because your brand can fulfill their wishes.


2. Expanding connections


Basically, the credibility of your business will expand opportunities to build connections, both with customers, business partners and staff. This is because a reputable business not only keeps its customers coming back to shop, but can also build good relationships between sellers and customers. Therefore, they can provide recommendations and tell people around them about your business model.

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3. Increase revenue


Business credibility not only helps you to show business values, but can also support revenue growth. Compared to businesses that don’t have credibility, businesses that do have credibility tend to get more customers. You see, they will look for providers of products and services that are trusted.


4. Improve customer shopping experience


To meet customer expectations, you must first earn their trust. If you don’t understand what your customers want and improve their shopping experience, then you will find it difficult to convince them that your business products and services are the best choice for them. Therefore, as a business actor, you must consistently show that your business is managed professionally and will always prioritize customer privacy.


Just like the quality of products and services, business credibility is one of the main considerations that determines whether visitors will shop or not. The process for building business credibility is not simple. So, make sure you are always consistent in presenting products and services that meet customer expectations and increase credibility!

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