Have you ever heard about the place of business being sued by other parties because of copyright issues? Of course, this can serve as a reminder to all of us to always be careful. This also avoids us harm or being harmed by other parties. To make sure we don’t take the wrong decision, let’s first identify what copyright is and its important role for business people!


What is a Copyright?

Reporting from libera.id, copyright is one part of intellectual property rights which includes the fields of science, art, and literature. The definition of copyright is contained in Article 1 paragraph (1) of Law Number 28 of 2014 concerning Copyright (Copyright Law) as follows:

    "Copyright is the exclusive right of an author that arises automatically based on the declarative principle after a work is manifested in a tangible form without reducing restrictions in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations."

In this case, exclusive rights include moral rights and economic rights so that the creators can obtain economic benefits from their works. Therefore, other parties may not take advantage of other people’s work without the permission of the owner of the work or the copyright holder.


Why is copyright so important for business actors?

Through the existence of copyright law, business actors in Indonesia can be motivated to produce works for their business. There is legal protection for ownership that is not visible to an organization or individual. So, you don’t need to worry if there are other parties who are cheating and copying your work. Copyright in business itself can be in the form of all types of services and products, promotional and training materials, pictures, written materials, and so on.


Then, is copyright mandatory? Basically, copyright filing is not mandatory! You see, the copyright itself already exists once you produce the work, while the copyright submission serves to strengthen the proof of ownership. Meanwhile, an application for copyright will be submitted to the Minister of Law and Human Rights. Once processed, your work will be checked and recorded on a public list of works that can be accessed by the public.


What works can be submitted for copyright?

Every work in the fields of science, art, and literature can be protected through copyright. The period of protection for each work varies depending on the type of work and the type of exclusive rights. Meanwhile, there are also moral rights that do not have a time limit and economic rights that have a certain period of protection which is regulated in Articles 58-60 of the Copyright Law.


There is a copyright that is valid for life plus 70 years, such as books, props, plays, and works of art. Copyrights that have a validity period of 50 years from the time they were first announced can be in the form of photographic works, computer programs, video games, etc. In addition, there are copyrights whose validity period is 25 years and the validity period is unlimited.


How to process a copyright application in Indonesia?

To submit a copyright application, there are several supporting documents that you need, namely:

  1. A signed and stamped statement of intellectual property rights ownership
  2. Statement of authenticity of the creation or work
  3. Photocopy of NPWP
  4. Photocopy of owner’s KTP
  5. A letter of legal representation if the application is made through a registered consultant
  6. Legal institution certificate if the application is made through a registered consultant


Seeing its huge role, of course every business actor must be aware of the importance of Copyright. So from now on, don’t forget to always pay attention to the use of logos, photos, and other elements!

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