Nowadays, digital technology is developing rapidly. So, don’t be surprised if there are so many of our activities that are digital-based, including when managing a business. If we compare today’s business with the past, it’s certainly very different, right?


In the past, customers would definitely come directly to the store to shop. In addition, marketing carried out by business actors must also use physical media (offline), for example, such as banners, brochures, and catalogs. Now, customers can directly order your products online and you can also do marketing and reach more potential customers through digital marketing strategy.


So, what is the difference between digital marketing and the usual marketing strategy and how to optimize it to increase sales turnover? Learn more through the following explanation!


Digital Marketing, Tips for Businesses to Expand Through the Internet

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As the name implies, digital marketing or also known as online marketing is marketing activities carried out on the internet. Business actors will take advantage of digital channels, ranging from email, search engines, social media, and various websites. This strategy is carried out so that a business can connect with target customers. In a digital marketing strategy, you also need to optimize the way you communicate via text messages or multimedia messages.


What are the advantages of using digital marketing?


Digital marketing has now become one of the popular marketing strategies among business people, ranging from MSMEs to enterprise scales. In addition, digital marketing also gives you the following benefits.

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1. Can be accessed by mobile device


Do you know? Of the total number of Internet users in Indonesia, 96.4% use their mobile phones to access the internet, either through cellular or WiFi connections. Therefore, if you use digital marketing, you can more easily reach potential customers who are using the internet on their cellphones.


2. Can be more flexible


After you learn and apply digital marketing, you have indirectly expanded your knowledge and experience in the marketing field. Moreover, there are various marketing strategies, such as email marketing, content marketing, and banner ads. The more types of marketing you learn, the better chance you have of preparing an effective marketing strategy.


3. Affordable cost


Who says a marketing strategy must require a large capital? Through digital marketing, you can save your marketing budget while getting satisfactory results. You see, marketing costs vary and are determined by how you advertise.


4. Opportunity for expansion


Today’s online shopping activity has become one of the tendencies of many customers. Now, through digital marketing, you can take advantage of this situation to reach potential customers. Apart from making your brand more recognizable, marketing done on the Internet can also increase sales.


5. Increase interaction with the audience


You can present digital marketing through various types of content, including photos, video clips, and audio. Besides being interesting, the content you post can also be a medium of communication with customers, for example through reviews, comments, or messages. This interaction will also help you to identify customer preferences.


6. The results can be monitored


It turns out, digital marketing not only makes it easier for you to interact with customers, but also to monitor marketing results as evaluation material. You see, you can see for yourself how the results of the ads that you post. So, in the future you can use the most effective marketing strategies.


Boost Sales Through Digital Marketing


Digital marketing does provide many benefits for growing your business. However, make sure you can also optimize this one strategy. Come on, find out what are the tips for implementing digital marketing!


1. Develop an attractive website


To improve your digital marketing strategy, you really have to use social media. However, your business website is no less important. Don’t let it be, you only focus on social media without paying attention to your website. A business website needs to provide information related to your products and services. In addition, you can use the website to view messages from visitors. So, make sure to always provide updated information on the website!


2. Optimize local SEO


Did you know that most people use their cellphones instead of laptops or computers to surf the internet? In addition, internet users also tend to look for businesses that are closest to their place. Not surprisingly, the Google search engine tends to choose websites that can optimize local searches. So, make sure you also use website keywords that are related to your location.


3. Focus on SEO


One of the most popular tricks in digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO plays an important role in increasing your website traffic organically. There are several things that you must do when using SEO, for example, such as finding the right keywords for your business and looking for references on your website from external links or internal links. And of course, don’t forget to also take advantage of social media so that your website traffic can increase.

Digital marketing is a good opportunity for you to grow your business. You can start learning digital marketing practically through online courses from Luarsekolah. Come on, start learning and mastering this skill!


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