Are you one of the business people who sell your products regularly? If yes, it means your customer will make a payment within a certain time with the same nominal. So, your customers only need to make payments every time they meet the deadline. Well, if you and your customers want to make transactions more practically and safely, then you can use the recurring method. Let’s find out more about this payment!

Recurring is a collection made by a business actor to his customers who transact regularly with the same amount of payment. This payment method is automatic and uses a card, so before running, the business must first obtain authorization from the customer. After that, recurring will be done according to the schedule, for example, daily, monthly, or yearly.

With recurring, you no longer need to retype the same customer data. Billing can be done automatically and payment invoices can be sent immediately. As a payment aggregator that integrates various payment methods, Cashlez also has a recurring feature. So, all you have to do is check the sales report which can be accessed for free in the merchant’s dashboard.

So, what products are usually paid for by recurring? Both goods and services can actually use this method as long as the payment amount is always the same and is done regularly. Some examples include florists who deliver flower delivery every week, pet sitters, fitness centers, yoga places, and cleaning services. Various software services that use a subscription system also impose a recurring system for its users. For example, such as software to deal with computer viruses or edit photos.

Because you can send invoices to your customers on schedule, you will have more free time. No need to make invoices with the same contents. Customers who forget to pay or business people who forget to collect are not a big problem. With the payment time that has been set automatically, both parties can make transactions easily, safely and quickly.

Advances in payment technology offer a variety of solutions to improve service quality. Do you use recurring on your business?

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