In general, a customer who wants to shop will be served by the seller. However, as our technology improves, you don’t always have to serve your customers. Although they are not assisted by your staff, they can get the products they need themselves. The concept of purchasing without being served by staff is known as self-service alias self-service.
You certainly can feel the system serves its own needs in modern markets, right? Even though it’s called a supermarket, you actually still need the help of staff when making transactions at the modern market cashier. Unlike the case with business places that have fully implemented self-service, ranging from product selection, payment processing, to taking groceries.
Because it is still fairly new, self-service services are usually only found in a number of types of businesses, for example, such as laundry services or the Public Fuel Filling Station (SPBU). Meanwhile, there are also a number of restaurants and coffee shops that have also begun implementing a self service system as an alternative for customers who want to order their menus directly so there is no need to wait for a waiter to approach.
So, what business segments are suitable for using self service? Basically, there is no limit whatsoever to determine which business segments can and cannot use this service. However, usually the business owner will start implementing self-service if he can provide a system that is easy for each class to use, for example by providing product categories, order quantities, and columns for entering referral codes if the customer gets a discount voucher.
Through applying the present service in the form of self service, it will benefit not only you, but also your customers. From the business side, of course you don’t need a lot of money to recruit many people. Enough with the help of gadgets, you can already maximize customer service. While from the customer side, ordering by yourself without the help of staff will also add to the transaction experience. Indirectly, your customers will also be more familiar with the brand that you offer.
Are you ready to switch to self service? Come on, use Smartpoz to optimize the self-service in your store!

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