In general, entrepreneurs are only known as people who have their own businesses. But the truth is, entrepreneurs also have a passion for making changes to the world! Hence, there are certain skills they need so that they can become effective leaders and innovators. Meanwhile, the solutions presented will of course also vary so that we can get to know many types of businesses. Hence, there are also types of business actors, such as the following 5 types of entrepreneurs!
  1. Innovator
You who are entrepreneur innovators will think of new ideas and make them a promising business opportunity. In general, innovators will change the way people think and do things. In addition, this type of entrepreneur is usually very obsessed and passionate. They are motivated by the unique business ideas they think of. In addition to innovating in products, innovators will also find new ways to market their products. Famous entrepreneurs who belong to this innovator category are Steve Jobs, Larry Page, and Bill Gates. Meanwhile, it must be remembered that innovators need patience, commitment, and preparation for funding to truly deliver innovations.
  1. Hustler
Unlike entrepreneur innovators who are motivated by their vision, hustlers work harder, even being directly involved in all business activities. Often times, hustlers also start small and focus on making it big. So, they do not immediately try to get additional capital when they are just starting a business. This type of entrepreneur is motivated to work hard and achieve their dreams. Usually, they will be very focused and able to get rid of any distractions. So instead of finding something comfortable for a while, they prefer to take risks. One example of a business actor who is a hustler is Mark Cuban, who started his business since he was young. At that time, he only sold trash bags, newspapers and stamps. But now, he has succeeded in becoming one of the most famous entrepreneurs and investors in the world.
  1. Imitator
Entrepreneurs who are classified as imitators are those who use existing business ideas for their own business. However, the business idea will of course also be developed. Imitators are always looking for ways to make their products more developed and more popular in the market. Imitators are basically part of innovators and hustlers who do not stick to other people’s standards and have a high level of self-confidence. Imitator-type entrepreneurs can update their business ideas more easily. Because the stress level tends to be low, imitators are also able to more quickly assess the business strategies they are running based on the original business ideas they refer to.
  1. Researcher
After getting a business idea, entrepreneurs, who are the researchers, will use their time to gather information related to the business idea. For business researchers, being a failure is never an option because they have studied their business ideas based on various aspects. Researchers usually believe that a business that is just starting out is likely to be successful. The reason is, they have prepared in detail and understand everything related to the business. This makes the researchers spend a long time to present the product. Before they are really ready, they will make decisions based on data, facts, and their intuition. This also makes the risk of failure minimized.
  1. Buyer
One thing that can describe buyer-type entrepreneurs is the wealth they have. So, this type of entrepreneur tends to have a lot of funding and is skilled at seeing potential business opportunities. Before starting a business, buyers will identify a business and estimate its business potential. Then, the buyer will acquire the business and look for the right person to be able to run and expand the business he bought. By becoming a buyer-type entrepreneur, a business actor does not need to focus a lot on innovation, but on how to build the business. In addition, buyers can easily find out which market segments are suitable for their products. But on the other hand, buyers must also anticipate the risks that can arise from the businesses they buy.
Basically, these types of business actors only show your tendencies, not predict your success. The problem is that even though they have different tendencies, every business actor must be able to train their communication, leadership and entrepreneurial skills. So, regardless of the type of business actor that suits you, you can still be successful!
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