Do you know what are the characteristics that distinguish an entrepreneur from others? Of course, the answer is the entrepreneur’s shrewdness in seeing opportunities. Whatever it is, from habits, hobbies, to problems in everyday life, it can be an opportunity for those with a business spirit to open a business.


Well, one of the opportunities that have always been loved by women is the nail art business opportunity. Starting as a hobby, you can use your painting and nail art skills as an opportunity to earn money. Want to know what this one business opportunity looks like and how to run it? Let’s find out the answer in the following explanation!


What is the nail art business?

As the name implies, the nail art business is a business that provides services for painting, decorating, and beautifying nails. Nail art itself is one part of women’s fashion that aims to make the appearance more fashionable and attractive. Meanwhile, the nail art business itself usually also provides nail care services such as:


1. Manicure

This treatment is done by soaking the hands and feet in warm water that has been mixed with soap. It aims to clean the skin and remove dead skin cells.


2. Pedicure

This treatment actually similar to manicure. However, the nails and feet will be cleaned so that they become healthier.


3. Nail Polish

Nail polish aims to beautify the nails through the provision of color. Usually, customers will choose the color they like and the one that matches their skin tone.


4. Nail Art

Through nail art, nail artists will provide attractive designs and motifs on nails. Meanwhile, nail art can also use nail gel aka nail polish gel.


5. Nail Spa

Nail spa is done to make customers more relaxed and calm. You see, there is additional reflexology in this treatment.


How do you run a nail art business?

To run this business, you need to know first what needs to be prepared. Of course, you will need some tools such as nail art remover, base coat, nail sticker, dotter tool, nail glitter, scissors, cuticle pusher, and others. Approximately, it takes a capital of about 10 million to buy nail art equipment. Meanwhile, to run this business smoothly, you also need to do the following tips.


1. Offer door to door service

During this pandemic, people are asked to reduce outdoor activities. Therefore, door to door services for nail art are very suitable. To perform this service, you need to first set a schedule that has been agreed upon by the customer. In addition, also provide several catalogs that customers can choose from.


2. Choose the right location

To get a lot of customers, it is very important to determine the right location. Compared to housing, of course opening a nail art place in an office center or in a shopping center is much more promising. Also make sure the location is easy for customers to find!


3. Active online

Well, during this pandemic, the intensity of people using social media is increasing. Therefore, you must also actively share information about nail art services that they can get. Don’t forget to provide examples of nail art and promos to attract customers. Also include a phone number and address to make it easier for customers to contact you.


The nail art business is one of the promising opportunities for those of you who have a passion in the arts. So, are you ready to hit the road? 

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