When you make a transaction with a buyer, you certainly need to provide proof of the transaction that is known as a sales invoice. Different from receipts issued after the buyer makes payment, sales invoices are issued before the payment process. On the invoice, the business owner will state when the maximum time limit is for buyers to pay for their orders. So, what is the role of sales invoices for businesses? Let’s find out more about this business document!


1. Manage inventory and ensure data authenticity


Through sales invoices, you can manage the existing inventory in your business. You see, the sales invoice shows how many items you bought or sold. Through this inventory management, you can determine when it’s time to add stock. Not only that, business owners who manage sales invoices can also help you ensure the authenticity of the data. This is because the sales invoice contains information in the form of product price, date of purchase, and discount if any. So, if there is a claim from a customer, you can confirm it first before handling the claim.

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2. More efficient business operations


As we know, every sales invoice must have a numbering system. Well, this system will help business owners to see sales details more practically. So, if there is a need to check sales, you no longer need to waste a lot of time just looking for proof of transactions. However, sometimes you can find sales invoices that do not have a number. To solve this, you can search by name of the business that issued the sales invoice.


3. Simplify the transaction process


Did you know that through sales invoices, you can make it easier for customers to make payments? This is because the sales invoice already contains detailed information needed by customers, starting from the time of payment due, the number of orders, and the amount they must pay. In addition, you can also enter other information such as the amount of tax deductions. To increase their convenience when transacting, you can also offer various non-cash payment features in the Cashlez Business Application.


4. Optimizing bookkeeping


Sales invoices are a reference for a business to make accurate books. Every sale recorded on the sales invoice can be used as an evaluation material to determine whether the business you are running is making a profit or loss. Not only that, sales invoices can also be used to determine the ratio of net margin and net income.

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5. Make it easier to fill in taxes


Every sales invoice that you collect regularly will help you to take care of business taxes. When you have entered the tax filing period, you don’t need to bother spending a lot of time doing data collection. Instead, you can easily view data about your sales by sales period.


6. Facilitate the communication process with customers


On the sales invoice, there is detailed information about who made the order, starting from the name of the individual or the name of the organization, address, and telephone number. Therefore, this document can help you contact customers, especially if there is a need for a purchase transaction. So, if any of your staff, for example, wants to make a delivery, then they can directly contact the customer based on the invoice that has been issued.


The payment invoice is one of the official transaction documents and needs to be kept by the seller and the buyer as proof of sale. By creating a sales invoice, you and the buyer can both prevent misunderstandings.

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