It’s no secret that today’s business people use a lot of marketing strategies through social media. This is because the intensity of using this platform tends to be high, for example on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. In fact, not a few business actors are developing their business through online business on social media. Moreover, the online transaction process can also be done through the payment link payment system from the Cashlez Application.


Because online sales have great potential, you also have to start taking advantage of social media. Maybe, many people think that if you want to promote on social media, you have to prepare a large budget. In fact, a strategy to increase brand awareness can also be done without spending a lot of money, namely using User-Generated Content (UGC). Let’s find out more about UGC and its role for your business through the following review!

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Definition of User-Generated Content (UGC)


User-Generated Content (UGC) is the creation of content about a brand created by customers. Later, these contents can be published on social media and other channels. When customers wants to make UGC, they can use various forms, ranging from images, podcasts, videos, writing about product reviews, as well as content about testimonials.

Apart from being made by customers, UGC can also be published by people who are loyal to a brand. They can be included as customers or non-customers. Usually, these people will be very enthusiastic if the brand has the latest news, from product launches, collaborations, to promotions on certain celebration days.

Apart from that, businesses can also ask employees to create content that displays the values and stories behind the brand that you founded. If customers who create content about your brand are referred to as UGC, employees who produce content about your product are referred to as Employee-Generated Content (EGC).

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Why is UGC Important for Your Business?


Through the creation of UGC, a brand can develop and become more and more known to the public. You see, UGC can provide the following benefits.


1. Increase sales conversions


Because it is made based on customer orientation, UGC creators can influence their audience more easily. What’s more, they also create this content on various channels, from email, landing pages, social media, to checkout pages.


2. More authentic content


In the midst of many competitors, a brand needs to compete and optimize social media to attract the attention of potential customers. Moreover, potential customers will usually be more selective if they are faced with several choices. Through UGC, you can show authentic content so that potential customers can be sure that the products and services in your business are what they have been looking for all this time.


3. Build community and increase customer loyalty


Through making UGC, not only you can benefit, but also your customers. You see, they can contribute to the development of a brand they believe in. Meanwhile, UGC also opens opportunities for you as a business owner to discuss with people who use your business products and services.


Implementing the UGC strategy can have a significant impact, especially on your business brand awareness. You see, this strategy allows you to invite as many people as possible to introduce your business and convey what solutions you offer to potential customers. Are you also interested in using this one strategy?

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