After several months of physical distancing, of course many people’s habits have changed. For example, such as shopping through e-commerce or marketplaces, wearing masks when outside, and washing hands after touching an often touched surface. Changing these habits has also made several types of businesses popular. Well, if you want to start a business or try a business in another field, 8 promising business opportunities in the New Normal era can be the solutions.

1. Financial consulting services
As one important aspect of daily lives, many people need consultation to manage their financial conditions. Because basically, not everyone can use the income they earn effectively. So, if you have experience and knowledge in finance, you can start offering your services to provide consultations on how to manage finances, set up emergency funds, and start investing.

2. Online health services
During physical distancing, people are asked to limit activities outside the home, including to consult with a doctor. Therefore, many people choose to consult their health virtually. Well, if you have expertise in the IT field, you can start developing applications and other platforms so that people can communicate with doctors conveniently.

3. Drinks and herbal food
After the pandemic passed, the community was also encouraged to continue to maintain the body’s immunity so as to avoid disease. Therefore, many consumers will need herbal food and drinks. Moreover, Indonesia is also known as a country rich in various herbal plants, such as ginger, turmeric, ginger, and so on.

4. Human resource training
It is undeniable, there are people whose jobs are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. This makes them learn that they must enrich the skills they have. Therefore, they need training, such as training for sewing, public speaking, or making crafts. In fact, there are also tables of training made for people who want to be entrepreneurs.

5. Home renovation services
Reporting from, consumers seeking renovation services on the Internet increased by 140% during the Covid-19 pandemic. Not surprisingly, this business opportunity has become one of the promising opportunities in the New Normal era. Many people who want to rearrange the appearance of their homes or repair damaged parts of the house.

6. Hair and body care products
To keep looking great while at home, many consumers finally decide to take care of themselves. The examples are hair colouring or hair cream bath. This is also due to physical distancing which makes it difficult for people to take care in the beauty shop.

7. Local tourism
As we know, the tourism industry is one of the industries that is highly affected by the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Now, in the New Normal era, this industry has become one of the promising industries because many people feel bored and want to take a vacation. However, because they must continue to anticipate the spread of the virus, this industry will be dominated by local tourists.

8. Protective Mask
The application of health protocols aimed at maintaining the safety of every individual has also made the face mask and face shield business remain popular during the New Normal period. Moreover, in public places, the use of masks is mandatory. In addition, people can also reduce the risk of spreading the virus when they use protection when outside.

The Covid-19 pandemic has given a large impact on the business sector, both on enterprise, medium and micro scale entrepreneurs. But after this pandemic ends, we can still try promising business opportunities.

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