Along with the number of start-up companies that have emerged, co-working space has become one of the many business opportunities that are now demanding. Well, if you are one of the business owners who pursue this field, you certainly understand that co-working space business has high potential. However, you will achieve it if only you successfully market your co-working space properly. Consider the following accurate strategy so that your business co-working space can grow rapidly.

  1. Have an informative website

How do you increase the number of your customers? Of course, you have to implement advertising and marketing strategies, for example through suggested websites. Make sure this website is professionally designed so that it clearly reflects the quality and profile of the shared workspace. Also, don’t forget to include contacts and updates in the form of bulletins or posts on special blogs related to business development, professional networking, and other categories that suit your target members.


  1. Get it through social media

As a platform, you can use social media to get closer to your members or prospective members. That way, you will also encourage your professionalism as a protector of businesses that provide space for work. Placing advertisements through Facebook can also be a great potential that makes your co-working space more popular. Aside from through social media, you also need to focus on marketing strategies for people who are around the shared workspace, because it is they who need more to become members in your place.


  1. Provide benefits for members

You will more easily increase the number of tenant members in the same workspace, you can provide various benefits for people who have been sponsored, for example through a reference program. So, look for a prospective tenant who uses a reference code from a suitable tenant in your co-working space, he will get a special discount. In addition, you can also provide a promotion in the form of happy hour, so they will get a special rental price using a shared workspace at a certain time.


A successful shared workspace marketing strategy will make your place more than desired for the workplace. The reason is, your shared workspace can also being considered as a place for events, exhibitions, or other interesting activities.


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