Attracting customers to come shopping is one of the challenges that is always experienced by business owners. Admittedly, making customers interested in shopping is indeed not easy. Moreover, there is no definite formula for doing it. However, there are always solutions you can try, like applying the following 5 tips.

  1. Hold a competition with attractive prizes
Who doesn’t want to get attractive prizes? If there is something that can be obtained for free, surely there will be many people competing to get it. To hold a competition, you do need "additional capital," but this is worth to do. You can get many new potential customers through the competition you are holding. Moreover, people will also get to know more about your business brand.

  1. Holding or participating in various events
Besides holding competitions, another way you can do to attract the attention of prospective customers is through various events. Whether you are holding it yourself or participating in an event, you can still introduce your brand to the public. This is also a good opportunity to explain to them about the product details you offer.

  1. Accept various types of payment
Nowadays, technology has an important role in various aspects of human life. Ranging from communications, entertainment, to business. So, if you have not innovated yet, then you can lose the opportunity. Nowadays, many customers only provide non-cash payment instruments. So you can receive various non-cash transactions from customers, use the Cashlez payment machine.

  1. Create an atmosphere that makes you comfortable
Whatever your business is, a restaurant, bookstore, or anything else, you must make it a comfortable place to visit. If you are a cafe owner, then try to design your cafe so that it becomes Instagramable. Your cafe will surely be glimpsed and visited by millennials. In addition, play also the music that is being hits, both on the national and international scene.

  1. Invite consumers to review your product
Even though you are able to market your business with the help of communication technology, you still need the help of your customers. Because until now, word of mouth reviews are still important, even more trusted by prospective consumers. Therefore, after customers shop, please ask them to give reviews, for example through social media accounts they have.

The main principle of a business owner is not to give up easily. This means that if you have not reached the desired target, then you need to try again in a different way. Don’t forget to hone your creativity and ideas!
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