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As one of the businesses in the hospitality sector, cafes are a business opportunity that is of interest to business actors. When opening a cafe, you can decide for yourself what the concept of the cafe will be like, for example, a cafe that has a minimalist design or an outdoor cafe that has lots of plants. Meanwhile, you can also invite musicians to perform live music and entertain the visitors.


Of course, building a cafe business is not an instant process. Moreover, the success of the cafe business is not determined by the average order value, but by how many visitors come and come back. So, if you want to make your cafe business sell even more, use the following methods!

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1. Pay attention to cash flow


One of the most crucial things that every cafe owner needs to pay attention to is cash flow. To run a cafe business, you must be able to manage raw material expenses. Stock supplies of these materials must always be available, should not be empty. Meanwhile, you also need to pay attention to other expenses, such as electricity bills, water bills, and transportation costs. In the midst of the many things that need to be done to manage cash flow, you can use sales reports from Cashlez Reporting. So, you no longer need to record income manually and can immediately evaluate your business and increase cash flow.


2. Consider the location of the cafe


For cafe business people, business location is one of the most important things to consider. When a cafe opens in a strategic location, you will have many opportunities to attract the attention of potential customers. It’s different if you open a business in a quiet location or don’t match your target market. For example, you want to open a cafe with the concept of rice bowl food, but people who live around it tend to prepare their own food.


3. Use online and offline promotions


As we know the cafe business must have a special place. However, you can also offer an online ordering system. Therefore, to promote your cafe, you must use online and offline strategies. Online strategies can be started using platforms such as social media and websites. Meanwhile, the offline strategy can be done through flyer printing.

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4. Offer added value


If you want to increase the number of visitors, of course the first thing you have to do is get potential visitors interested. Therefore, make sure to offer added value that meets customer expectations. One example is giving discount vouchers for shipping costs when customers shop with a certain minimum nominal. Giving this discount will increase their satisfaction when shopping. They will also feel special because you made the offer.


5. Cafe design as an attraction for visitors


Apart from the customer’s food and drink tastes, you also need to pay attention to the cafe design. You see, this will also affect visitor satisfaction. When they feel comfortable, then they will come again to visit. Therefore, when you just open or are doing renovations, you can first consider what kind of design is suitable for use. To make the cafe look more optimal, you can also adjust the lighting, the distance between tables, and the distance between rooms.


Every cafe business owner certainly has their own potential and ideas to improve their business performance. You must be able to find the method that best suits your target market and business so that your plan can run smoothly. Let’s grow your cafe business with the Cashlez Payment Gateway service!

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