"Say it with flowers." This one phrase must be familiar to us. Yup, apart from being a type of plant that can beautify our garden, flowers are also often used to convey messages to loved ones, especially on special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, graduations, and promotions of academic degrees. There are various types of flowers arranged into a bouquet. Well, if you are a business owner who has a florist business, make sure to provide the following 7 types of flowers so that your business gets more orders!


1. Rose Flower


Usually, these red flowers are given to couples, for example when celebrating anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. However, roses are not only red. Hence, the meaning of this flower also varies, depending on the color. Pink roses symbolize gratitude and appreciation, while yellow roses symbolize friendship.

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2. Tulips


Do you know? Although the tulip flower is one of the icons of the Netherlands, this flower was originally cultivated by the Turkish Sultanate. Hence, people in Europe also consider the tulip flower as a symbol of the Ottoman Empire. In general, the tulip flower means the perfection of love. However, like roses, the symbol for the tulip is also determined by its color.


3. Sunflower


This one flower is certainly no stranger to florists. You see, sunflowers are often cultivated and used as a bouquet. Because of the petals facing the sun, this flower is a symbol of loyalty. Not surprisingly, sunflower bouquets are very suitable to be given to couples and close friends.


4. Orchid Flowers


Orchid flowers are one type of flower that symbolizes love and loyalty. In addition to its beautiful shape, this flower is also colorful and has a distinctive fragrance. Hence, orchids are often ordered at various moments of celebration.

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5. Daisy Flower


The word Daisy comes from an ancient phrase in English, namely Daes Eage which means the sun. This is related to the nature of the daisy flower that closes its petals when night falls. Uniquely, in the morning, this flower will re-open its petals. This flower that can grow anywhere also has the meaning of loyalty and humility.


6. Carnations


If roses are often given to couples, carnations are actually one of the most ordered flowers to celebrate Mother’s Day. This is because white carnations are considered to symbolize the qualities of mothers, namely wise, loving, and holy. The person who first celebrated Mother’s Day with this flower was Ann Jarvis in 1908. At that time, she distributed around 500 carnations to mothers.


7. Lily flower


Flowers that have a sacred and pure meaning often attract the attention of many buyers because of their beautiful shape. In addition, lily flowers also have a fragrant aroma. Usually, lilies are known as white flowers. But actually, there are also other colored lilies, such as orange and yellow.


The florist business is a business that is never empty of customers because the flower arrangements ordered can be intended for various purposes. To make the florist business that you run more advanced, providing popular types of flowers is not enough. You also need to provide cashless payment services from the Cashlez Application so that customers can transact easily and safely!

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