Are you a photographer? If the answer is yes, of course you already understand that there are many opportunities that you can try. Moreover, you can adjust your career as a photographer according to your preferences, for example, as a photographer who travels or even stays in one place.


Running Passion Flexibly


One of the most interesting things for photographers to pursue their craft as a profession is flexible working hours. Moreover, today’s photographers can also become freelancers or even open their own photography business. And of course, they can also collaborate with various parties, ranging from wedding organizers, journalists, to other photographers who need to work together as a team.

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Photography Business Potential: From Family Photographer to News Coverage


Today, the photography business also has different types. If you are confused about what type of photography service you want to offer, here are some examples of photography businesses that have great potential. Of course, you can also try more than one type if you are interested and want to deepen your skills.


1. Family photographer


There are many precious moments that we want to capture together with our families. This is where the role of the photographer is needed, namely to take pictures professionally so that the moment can be remembered. Usually, a family photographer will be required at large events such as weddings or graduations.

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2. Selling stock photos


If you have a hobby of taking pictures, you can also try to sell these pictures on online platforms that provide millions of stock photos. Usually, there will be no limit on the photos you can upload. However, make sure to always follow the conditions that have been given.


3. Pet photographer


It’s not just family and friends that your clients can invite to take pictures. They also want to find a photographer who can capture their moments with their beloved pets. Of course, to run this one service, you need special skills.


4. News coverage photographer


If you want to photograph important events that occur in Indonesia or abroad, then you can become a photographer for news coverage. Usually, you will be recruited by media companies who then assign you to somewhere to cover the news. The photo will then be published in the media owned by the company.


Passionately Running a Photography Business to Develop Career and Business


The decision to run a photography business may not be something that can be done instantly. You will first make considerations, such as capital, mental readiness, and the target client you want to reach. So, to make your photography business more leverage, make sure to apply the following 5 tips!


1. Start your plan


The main tip you need to do to run a photography business is to start turning your passion into an income field. Through this step, you have opened up opportunities to develop your career. Keep in mind that you don’t have to wait for perfection to start a business.


2. Understand your business brand


It is undeniable, there are many other business owners who run businesses in the field of photography. Therefore, you must ensure that your photography business brand can look attractive, unique, and easy for people to recognize. To build an attractive brand image, you can provide special offers or services, such as free photo printing for certain services or the Cashlez non-cash payment facility that makes it easier for customers to accept various transactions such as QRIS and Virtual Accounts.


3. Manage time effectively


As a photography service provider, you must estimate the estimated time to provide services from one place to another. Therefore, you also have to prepare a schedule and find out the time you need if your client asks you to do a photo shoot outside the photo studio. These simple steps will help you to build client trust and show that you are a professional photographer.


4. Innovate


In the photography sector, of course, there will always be trends that you can inspire to create. Therefore, you also need to innovate consistently, for example through new services that you did not previously provide. In addition, you can also seek inspiration from other photographers.


5. Do not stop seeking knowledge


You do have expertise and a high interest in the field of photography. However, like any other type of business, your skills must be constantly honed to match the client’s expectations. To learn photography professionally, you can learn from the experts through photography classes at, an online platform that provides a variety of online and offline courses.


The photography business has great potential, especially if you are able to collect portfolios and testimonials from clients who have used your services. In addition, photography business owners also need to deepen their skills so that the photos they take can be satisfying.


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