In addition to passion, the potential profit earned is also one of the factors to be considered when choosing a business field. One sector that is promising and you can try is the health sector. The thing is, as reported by, Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin stated that he was optimistic that in the next five years, the health business in Indonesia was predicted to reach IDR 1,100 trillion.


Of course, promising business opportunities in the health sector must be considered, both for business owners and those of you who are just starting to run a business. So, what are the choices for the type of health business that can bring in a lot of money? Check out the explanation below!

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1. Nutritionist


The implementation of a healthy lifestyle can be done through eating patterns. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people seek the services of a nutritionist to get recommendations on what types of foods they need to avoid and consume. In addition to opening a personal consultation service, you can also work with managers of gyms, sports centers, and spas.


2. Coach for weight loss


Not a few people who want to apply their lifestyle to lose weight. Of course, this is very reasonable because the ideal body weight is one of the factors that can keep the body in shape. Usually, you need to implement a program, either in the form of food recommendations or exercises that clients can apply to lose weight.

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3. Massage therapy


Massage is one of the most popular ways to restore the body. You can also try this one business opportunity by offering several types of massage therapy. In addition, also provide several aromatherapy options to make clients feel more relaxed.


4. Dietary supplement provider


In addition to physical therapy and exercise, one’s health can also be supported through the consumption of supplements. Well, those of you who are interested in running a health business can also consider business opportunities in the field of dietary supplements. Usually, dietary supplement providers are resellers or dropshippers from suppliers of health supplement products.


5. Healthy food


Do you have business experience in the food ingredients sector? If so, it never hurts to try business opportunities in the field of healthy and organic eating. Some types of products that you can offer include chia seeds and organic rice.


6. Spa


In the midst of a hectic routine, spas are a popular choice for many people to keep their bodies fit. When you open a spa center, you can also provide hydrotherapy and treatment rooms for customers.


7. Kitchen utensils


Apparently, it’s not just food that supports a person’s health. The equipment used when cooking can also have an effect. For example, you provide cooking utensils that allow customers to process food without using too much oil.


8. Fitness trainer


If you have skills in certain sports, you can try this one business opportunity. Your main task is to help our clients to promote a healthy lifestyle through physical exercise. You can adjust these exercises according to your client’s tendencies and interests in certain sports.


As one of the essential aspects of human life, the health business has a lot of demand. In addition, this business can also reach various categories of customers. So, are you interested in running this one business? Make sure to use Cashlez Payment Gateway as your business payment solution!

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