New year, new resolution. When you have determination, then you will be motivated to achieve what you want. Apart from that, this resolution will also help you to do self-introspection and focus on your goals. In fact, resolution also plays an important role so that you can make the right decision.


Well, basically, New Year’s resolutions are not only related to personal life, but also professional life, for example as a business owner. To make your business even brighter, the new year’s resolutions that you make must of course be considered based on what you have achieved and what things you want to improve. Come on, see what New Year’s resolutions you need to apply to get a significant impact!

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1. Manage cash flow efficiently


Like the flow of river water, your business cash flow also plays an important role. If the cash flow is not running smoothly, then your business will also be comfortable. You see, the process of production and supply of goods can be hampered without adequate funds. Therefore, take the opportunity at the beginning of this year to make a budget plan so that you and your team can focus on managing costs effectively.


2. Learn to apply the system


To get greater income than last year, you certainly have to do more for your business. Therefore, previously implementing a system so that business management can be carried out more effectively. When making payments, for example, you can use the Cashlez Payment Gateway which provides a variety of cashless transactions, from Virtual Accounts, QRIS, to credit and debit cards.

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3. New skills


If you want to bring positive changes to your business, then you have to start with yourself. Use the empathic opportunities in your free time to learn skills that will be beneficial in other aspects of your business, such as taking product photos. Meanwhile, business actors must also keep abreast of industry trends in which they are involved.


4. Do an evaluation every week


Perhaps, there are still business actors who think that business evaluation does not need to be carried out intensively. In fact, the more consistently you examine yourself, the more lessons you can get. Starting this year, try to do an evaluation every week. That way, you can unify every development you make.


5. Improve communication


When running a business, communication matters a lot, both to team members, business partners, and customers. Instead of focusing on how often you communicate, try to start focusing on the quality of the communication you do. So, compared to placing an ad once a week but having little impact, it’s better to advertise once a month but having a significant impact.


6. Increase digital promotion


As we know, the current era of doing business is heavily influenced by the development of digital technology. So, make sure to increase your business promotion through digital platforms. This promotion can be done through email marketing, advertisements on social media, and advertisements on search engines. Not only that, you also need to improve the customer experience online, one of which is creating a mobile friendly website.


Determining the actual resolution is not simple. You need to show what things you need to do and what are the benefits for you and society. Come on, start making all your resolutions come true in 2023!

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