Every business actor wants his/her business to continue to grow, both in terms of products, number of outlets, quality of service, and so on. Well, to make this happen, of course you have to bring innovation. However, why is it so difficult to create something new in business? Take it easy, you only need to do the following 10 tips to bring business innovation!


1. See what other people are doing

Who says innovation has to come entirely from you? There’s nothing wrong with seeing what other people are doing. You see, this can be your reference for presenting the latest products or services for your business.


2. Ask your customers

Actually, innovation can also be done from a simple thing, namely asking your customers. Just ask their opinion about what you can improve in the future, both in terms of products and services. Usually, customers will ask you to bring the latest features or innovations that make your product more affordable and easy to use.


3. Pay attention to your customers

In addition to asking customers directly, you also need to pay attention to customer tendencies. That way, you can find out how customers use your products and services. Is there a new trend they are doing, such as switching to cashless payments since the emergence of the pandemic? If so, you can immediately switch to using Cashlez to provide various non-cash payment options both online and offline.


4. Learn from customer feedback

While running a business, you may receive some feedback from customers who find it difficult to use your product. Use that experience as a reference to bring you new products that are easier to use. Fix the deficiencies that exist in the previous product and introduce the development of the product to customers.


5. Leave things that are no longer relevant

Basically, innovation is not only related to things that are new, but also things that already exist in your business. If it is no longer relevant, then it means you need to leave it and replace it with something new. For example, compared to having to record transactions manually, using an automated transaction recording system is certainly more efficient and reduces the risk of human error.


6. Create combination

The products and services that you currently present can be combined with other things to produce new things. You can see this in several examples, such as a watch that can measure your heart rate or a sofa that can become a bed.


7. Ask your staff what they think

Brainstorm together with the rest of the team. You see, bringing innovation is a challenge that needs to be faced together, not by one or two people. Moreover, every staff must have understood the characteristics of your business so that it will be easier for them to think of ideas about innovation.


8. Make a plan

An innovation will not be implemented without a clear plan. Therefore, first determine the things you need to do. Don’t forget to include the purpose of the innovation and the target customers you are aiming for.


9. Collaborate

Work together with other businesses and companies. Look for business partners who have the same goals, but have different experiences and expertise. That way, both parties can help each other to expand their respective businesses.


10. Checking patents

Check the patent rights for the innovation you present and find out if you need to apply for a license or not. Also, find out what other things you need to do in a patent.


Bringing innovation is a challenge in the business world. However, when you have a strong goal and determination, you can definitely make it happen!

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