"Getting started is easier than maintaining."

Talking about running a business, of course, the quote above is closely related to the daily lives of entrepreneurs. When we are just starting a business, we tend to have high curiosity and interest, moreover, there are many ideas that come to our mind.


But as time goes by, we begin to encounter various challenges that will test our persistence. Therefore, regardless of whatever effort you make, having commitment is a crucial thing that you need to practice. Let’s start doing these tips to strengthen your commitment to running a business!


  1. Focus on the positive

Find ways to love the profession you are in. Because basically, no job is perfect! Start to be more flexible by adjusting your habits to the situation while running your business. Also, try to focus on finding solutions, not problems.


  1. Dare to face risks

It’s perfectly normal to have fear, regardless of how old you are or what you do. Make the fear you have as motivation, not as a barrier when you want to achieve your goals. Because anyone who wants to be successful, must be brave enough to take risks and face the consequences of the decisions taken, right?


  1. Work hard

Some business actors may still consider profit as the only goal in doing business. In fact, to be able to commit to running a business, you shouldn’t just focus on profit alone. Try to start committing yourself to believe that the hard work you put in will give you satisfying results.


  1. Want to expand

If you start having trouble committing, you can start to introspect yourself. Maybe, you just feel bored with what you are running. As a solution, try to develop the business you have, for example in terms of product procurement and payment service. From now on, start to ask yourself "What can I do next?"


  1. Be consistent with what your goals are

Try to work consistently, without any break and take steps towards your business goals. Through consistency, hard work, patience, and a willingness to adapt, you can achieve success. Even though at the moment your hard work has not paid off, you must remain confident and open-minded!


  1. Love what you do

Love what you do so that you can have the will to work hard. When compared, your passion is the fuel that can help you achieve your goals. The more goals you can achieve, the more passion you will have.


  1. Respect yourself

Regardless of whatever challenges and difficulties you experience, you must be able to respect yourself. The thing is you have tried from the beginning and have arrived at this point! By respecting yourself, you can have confidence in the things you do.


  1. Have a work life balance

Give yourself time to enjoy quality time. And while you are taking a break, entrust your duties to business partners or experienced staff. Apart from that, you can also use the mPOS Cashlez service which records sales and accepts various payment options so that your store’s performance is more efficient!


  1. Maintain good relationships with fellow teams and partners

In order to run a business effectively, you also have to be smart in building networking. Strive to maintain good relationships with business partners. This helps you to get the opportunity to work with business partners who share your vision.


  1. Be open to feedback

Maybe, right now you are still a single fighter who has a small business. But this doesn’t mean that you know everything. Look for feedback from the others as motivation for you to develop and look for opportunities that you never expected.


In order to be successful, we need to be committed to understanding ourselves and making wise choices. Because in fact, our success is a reflection of our decisions, our behavior and the way we think. So before developing a business, make sure we have developed ourselves first!

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