The presence of technology in our lives has provided many changes, one of which is the financial system. In the past we used paper money to make transactions, but nowadays there is a replacement for non-cash transactions. As a result, this also makes businesses take part in utilizing technology to make the sales process more efficient. Unfortunately, some business owners are still hesitant to make innovations because of the limited budget. In fact, technology  for business can be affordable if you use these 3 ways!


  1. Cashier application features that can be downloaded for free

Instead of providing a cash register, it will be better for you to use the cash register application. It can be used anytime and anywhere. You can download Cashlez mPOS for free through the App Store and Play Store. After registering, you only need to enter the names of the product with the price. If you want to find the products briefly, don’t forget to put the products in several categories, too! So when there are buyers who transact, you can simply use the application to record payments.


  1. Sales reports can be accessed at any time

If you can access sales reports in real time, why should you make it difficult to yourself? Through the Cashlez sales report feature, you will find out how your achievement is in a certain period of time so that you can predict what you should do to grow your business. Becoming a Cashlez Merchant is easy since you only need to do full registration, by attaching your KTP, NPWP, and registration form that is provided by Cashlez Team.


  1. Installment program for purchasing Cashlez Reader

In the midst of the proliferation of non-cash payment systems, of course you need a machine to receive these payments. As a result, you have to prepare an additional budget to buy the machine. Take it easy with Cashlez which provides the Device Ownership Program (DOP). This is an installation program for Cashlez Reader purchasing. This program allows you to pay 12 times of installments. In addition, if you make a purchase through, you can get Cashlez Reader installments program, in which you can pay 24 times. So, you no longer need to decline the payment card owned by your customer.


Without innovation, the business we run becomes inefficient and difficult to develop. Instead of disappointing consumers, of course we better adjust our business to the current conditions, right?
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