Do you realize what things have emerged since the Covid-19 pandemic? In addition to masks that we can see everywhere, we can also see grocery packages sent by courier. To reduce the number of transmission of this virus, we are indeed asked to #stayhome as much as possible so that in the end, shopping habits change.


As a result, online shopping activities have increased rapidly. But on the other hand, this trend will certainly affect physical stores. So as a business actor in the digital era, do you need to have a mortar and brick store? Find the answer in the following explanation!


What is a Mortar and Brick store?

A physical store or also known as a brick and mortar store refers to a place that business owners use to display their products using a storefront in a store. So, customers can visit the store to find the product they need, discuss with the seller, and try certain products, such as clothing or electronics.


How does physical stores operate?

Physical stores are operated by selling their products to customers who come to the store. So do not be surprised if the physical store is not only equipped with a wide selection of goods, but also decorations such as interesting merchandise. When a customer enters the store, the customer can see the goods directly and ask the seller about the products they are interested in. Meanwhile, the seller will be tasked with checking the availability of goods and answering questions asked by customers.


Physical store or online store?

As a business owner, you really have to be able to adapt your business to changing customer habits. In the digital era like today, it is easy for people to get their various needs simply through online ordering. However, this does not mean that physical stores are no longer needed. There are several advantages that you can get if you have your own physical store.

1. Reach customers who don’t shop online

Nowadays, the internet has reached various circles. Reporting from, the number of internet users in early 2021 reached 202.6 million. However, this does not mean that there are no more customers who shop directly. Therefore, through the physical store that you open, you can provide customers who are not shopping online to get their needs. In addition, there are also customers who prefer to come directly to the store to see their products as well as interact with sellers.


2. Become a new sales channel

If you have a physical store as well as an online store, you can reach more customers. Customers can choose their own shopping method they want. If they don’t have time to come to the store, for example, they just have to place an order and wait for the courier to deliver their ordered goods. Meanwhile, if their place of residence is not far from your shop, they can immediately come and choose the items they want.


3. Improve shopping experience

Did you know that the shopping experience is one of the most important factors that will increase customer loyalty? You see, customers are not only focused on the products and services that you sell, but also how their experience when shopping at your place of business. Opening a physical store can be a great opportunity to increase customer satisfaction. Some examples are through a comfortable store atmosphere, practical non-cash payment services, and sweepstakes for customers who buy a certain nominal amount.


Following trends is an obligation so that your business can continue to grow. Even so, you also need to do the right sales strategy so that your business can be maximized!

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