As a business actor focused on retail industry, you certainly understand very well how your business can help customers get their needs. However, regardless of how much knowledge you have, the success of your business is still determined by how you manage your store. Hence, it is very important to use the time you have efficiently. If not, it will indirectly waste your opportunity.


Basically, managing a retail business is indeed a challenge in itself. You see, you have to be able to do different things. Not infrequently, these business people find it difficult to focus on one job, for example when dealing with customers or training staff. So, so that you don’t experience burnout when you face these challenges, let’s look at ways to manage your retail business effectively!


1. Set clear goals

Having a list of work plans is important, but you also have to make sure you know what you are going to do outside of the to-do list. Therefore, you need to clearly define your goals each day by prioritizing what is most important. Reporting from, Tor Refsland of Time Management Chef introduces the ABCDE method, namely:

A: Jobs that must be done and have serious consequences if they are not carried out.

B: The jobs that should be done and have consequences if they are not completed.

C: Work that can be done and has no consequences if it is not completed.

D: Jobs that can be submitted to other parties

E: Work that doesn’t need to be done


2. Create a to-do list

This one method does look simple, right? However, how often can you adjust your day to work that you need to do? Do you often feel that you are not doing anything? To overcome this, you have to start writing a more complex list of jobs that you do, both at night before bed and in the morning before starting the activity. Based on a study, a person’s will tend to be stronger in the morning. Therefore, start your activities by doing important things first.


3. Train the staff you have

No matter how many abilities, knowledge, and experiences you have, you are not a superhuman who can drive the success of a retail business by yourself. Therefore, entrust the staff you employ according to their respective roles. So that retail stores can operate smoothly, be sure to provide training to them. This will make it easier for staff to understand the operational standards you have set. That way, they can maximize the productivity they have and get the opportunity to contribute in their place of business. On the other hand, you also have to make sure to clearly assign tasks to the staff so that there is no overlap.


4. Take time for yourself

Having the responsibility of managing a retail store might make you think that you don’t have much free time to rest and rearrange the things that you already run. In fact, both are very important so that you can get a balance between managing your business and reflecting. Therefore, while enjoying coffee in the morning, try to take about 5 minutes to think about what important things you have to complete that day. Then in the afternoon, take some more time to think back to what things you have learned and what things you would like to do differently the next day.


Success in the retail business is not only determined by how many products you can sell. You see, how well you manage your time is also important. In the midst of the many things you have to do in your store, it is certainly great to work smart.

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