The restaurant business is one of the most sought after business opportunities because of its large margin. For example, when you sell fried rice for Rp. 15,000 per serving. Of course, the initial capital required to cook one serving of fried rice does not reach Rp. 15,000, but only about half of it. However, when you have processed these ingredients into a delicious food menu, of course the price of the dish will also increase.

Despite having great potential, restaurant business owners also face challenges, for example when managing cashflow. When a restaurant business finishes selling in one day, the business manager must immediately get ready to allocate a budget for the next day.If you don’t have trouble setting a budget for your restaurant business, be sure to follow the following solutions!

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What is a restaurant business budget?


A restaurant budget refers to the planned expenses that a restaurant owner will use to run his business. Through this plan, restaurant owners can be helped to make the most profitable business decisions. Not only that, the restaurant budget plan will usually be made based on an evaluation of business performance in the previous period.


Tips for determining the right budget

So that the budget you set can match the business strategy you want to run, you should also discuss the budget plan with the staff. They can provide input on the types of budgets that can be reduced and which types of budgets should be increased. Making the right budget in the restaurant business can also be applied in the following ways.

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1. Create data collection and categories


Before you prepare a restaurant business budget plan, then you must first record what needs you have to prepare for your business. After collecting data, be sure to also create categories, such as products, service systems, and utilities. You can also divide these categories into sub categories, such as food and beverages in the product category.


2. Monitor your sales


As previously explained, a restaurant business budget plan can be made based on the performance of your business. So, you also need to see how the sales report at the restaurant, whether the sales have increased or not. So that you don’t waste a lot of time and effort entering sales reports, use the sales report facility from Cashlez which records all transactions automatically.


3. Make a budget list


You already know what needs you need to get when you are in the restaurant business. After that, you can estimate how much budget is needed for each of these needs. Through this budget list, you will find out how much it will cost you. Not only that, you can also try to reduce these costs, for example through saving water and electricity.


4. Don’t hesitate to make changes


The budget list for the restaurant business that you have plays an important role as a reference to determine whether there is a strategy that you need to change or not. If for example there is a strategy that you feel is less effective and requires a lot of money, don’t hesitate to replace it. In addition, instead of using a manual payment system that makes customers queue and the options are limited, you can also use the Cashlez App which has various features of non-cash transactions.


As a restaurant owner, you must get used to managing a business and preparing a budget appropriately and quickly. Use the Cashlez App which not only helps you provide the convenience of transacting through various non-cash payment options, but also automatic sales reports so you don’t need to enter sales data manually.

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