Left to right: Robert Kurniawan (Director), Irianto Kusumadjaja (President Director), Aseanto Oudang (President Commissioner), Hendrik Adrianto (Director) in Annual General Meeting of Shareholders  & Public Expose PT Cashlez Worldwide Indonesia Tbk

JAKARTA, 26 June 2023 – PT Cashlez Worldwide Indonesia Tbk (CASH) through the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS) which was held today, Monday, 26 June 2023, approved the Changes in the Composition of the Members of the Board of Commissioners and Directors to support the improvement of the Company’s performance in the future in the future, meanwhile agendas 1 to 4 are the routine agenda of the AGMS.


President Director of PT Cashlez Worldwide Indonesia Tbk, Irianto Kusumadja explained that the change in the composition of the members of the Board of Commissioners and Directors gives CASH management confidence to face future challenges, because it is supported by professionals in their fields who will transform CASH in improving the company’s business performance in facing the era post-Covid-19 economic recovery.

Left to right: Robert Kurniawan (Director), Irianto Kusumadjaja (President Director), Aseanto Oudang (President Commissioner), Hendrik Adrianto (Director) in Annual General Meeting of Shareholders  & Public Expose PT Cashlez Worldwide Indonesia Tbk

At the AGMS, Mr. Edy Suryanto Sulistyo was assisted as a Commissioner of the Company who is known as the founder of Loket.com, E-Event, OW, Kamus and founded and designed a number of companies and web products including Catholic.com, FilesUpload, DNOrganizer, iConvert, Parking- Hubs, CircleMail, and OpenStub. He is also one of Gojek officials who developed GoPlay, the video-on-demand platform within the Gojek Group and advisor to several leading ICOs in Indonesia

Meanwhile, the new Independent Commissioner, namely Mr. David Fernando Audy, has experience in Venture Capital based in Southeast Asia with more than 250 portfolio technology companies. Prior important experience is CEO of PT MNC Tbk, Director of PT Global Mediacom Tbk, Founder of Okezone.com, CEO of Global TV Indonesia, CEO of INEWSTV, CEO of WeChat Indonesia. Currently also serves as Independent Commissioner of PT Matahari Department Store Tbk, Independent Commissioner of PT Multipolar Tbk, member of the Digital Ecosystem Development Council of KADIN (Indonesian Chamber of Commerce), member of the B20 Digitalization Task Force, and Leading Policy for Trade and Investment Facilitation of ASEAN BAC.

The Company’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders also appointed Mr. Robert Kurniawan as the new Business Director who has long experience in Sales, Marketing and Retail to support the Company’s performance. He has a qualified track record in increasing the capacity of the CASH business to a greater extent, such as experience as Region Sales Head of PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk (GoTo), VP of Sales & BD PT Zona Edukasi Nusantara (Zenius), VP of Biz Dev and Strategy PT Sinar Eka Selaras (Erajaya Active Lifestyle) an Erajaya company, VP of Global brand (M&P/Product Management), VP of Sales (Regional Head) PT Aplikasi Anak Bangsa – GOJEK company, VP of Sales (Head of Sales Department) PT Multi Adiprakarsa Manunggal (SPOTS) – a GOJEK Company, Head of Sales (Offline) – Traditional, Modern market, Retail and Mi-Store PT Xiaomi Communications Indonesia, and Head of Sales / Country Sales Lead Pt. Lenovo Indonesia (Lenovo & Motorola Brands).

The company hopes that the experience and expertise of Mr. Edy Suryanto Sulistyo, Mr. David Fernando Audy and Mr. Robert Kurniawan will help CASH in developing start-up companies to become big in Indonesia and can contribute to the Company’s development strategy in realizing organic and inorganic growth amidst competition. payment service provider in Indonesia. In facing very tight competition, experience and innovation are needed in product development and collaboration with all companies in the national digital payment ecosystem. The company hopes that the creation of an efficient national digital payment ecosystem in Indonesia will make it easier for MSME players in Indonesia to enter the digital ecosystem in the future.
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