Health is one of the most important aspects that we need to take care of. Without a healthy body and mind, you will not be able to do your daily activities effectively. Not only that, a healthy lifestyle will also provide you with various benefits, from reducing stress, maintaining an ideal body weight, to increasing self-confidence.


So, what can be done to implement a healthy lifestyle? Basically, there are all kinds of things we can try. However, for one of Cashlez’s partners, Herbalife Nutrition, the thing that needs to be prioritized is education about a healthy lifestyle. You see, this education will help people to understand what activities and intakes are needed by the body.

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Mission to Improve Consumer Health and Wellness

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Met at the Herbalife Nutrition office, Ibnu Akmal from the Corporate Communications division revealed that Herbalife Nutrition is a leading global nutrition company from the United States that was founded in 1980, and in Indonesia, Herbalife Nutrition has been operating since 1998. The company that provides a variety of nutritional supplement products has a mission to improve the overall health and well-being of consumers through the consumption of balanced nutrition and adopting a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Meanwhile, Ibnu also revealed that Herbalife Nutrition’s products have been produced scientifically through the support of more than 300 scientists and more than 35 nutrition experts. To ensure product quality, the Herbalife Nutrition team personally inspects the raw materials used since planting in the fields. Therefore, it is not surprising that the quality of Herbalife Nutrition’s shakes, teas and other nutritional products is guaranteed.


Market The Products Exclusively Through Independent Members


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As the world’s leading nutrition company, Herbalife Nutrition builds customer trust by providing high quality and safe products. These products will help consumers to meet their nutritional needs, so that the health of consumers both from inside and outside the body will improve.


Meanwhile, Herbalife Nutrition also conducts product marketing exclusively to customers through trained Independent Members. These Independent Members are at the forefront of providing nutrition as well as providing fitness consultations that will be tailored to each consumer. Through education and guidance provided by Independent Members, customers and the community can promote an active and healthy lifestyle.


Delivering Innovation to Increase Efficiency


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In addition to maintaining product quality, Herbalife Nutrition also presents various innovations to increase the satisfaction of Independent Members and consumers. One of them, Herbalife Nutrition presents an Automated Sales Center (ASC) as a form of utilizing technology to facilitate product distribution. It also aims to increase efficiency for Independent Members who will order products and send them to consumers.


In the payment services available at the Automated Sales Center, Herbalife Nutrition collaborates with the Cashlez Payment Gateway and offers a variety of cashless payment options. Thus, Independent Members can directly make product purchase transactions at the Automated Sales Center through their Member ID. And in enjoying this facility, Ibnu also reminded Independent Members of Herbalife Nutrition Indonesia to bring their own shopping bags and have prepared a list of products they want to buy beforehand.


Basically, providing education to customers is one thing that every business owner must do. Such education not only helps customers to gain new knowledge, but also helps them understand the required product. So, have you been educating your customers like Herbalife Nutrition did?

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