The Covid-19 outbreak that has been detected in Indonesia since the beginning of March 2020 affected various aspects, including economic aspects. Until now, many businesses have lost money due to falling sales. This is due to social restrictions that are applied to reduce the risk of Corona virus spreading. So, customers who usually can shop now decide to stay at home. So, is it only business people who have a physical store that is affected by this situation? Unfortunately, online businesses can also find it difficult to get customers because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are 3 reasons that make your online sales hampered in the midst of the spread of the Corona virus and how to overcome them.


  1. Don’t have a business model

Before facing challenges in the middle of a pandemic, you do not specify what business model you want to run. Instead, you instead think that determining a new business model can be determined if you already estimate the number of customers you have. In fact, this way of thinking you need to change. The business model is not a simple thing that you can determine at any time, but rather serves to make it easier for you to manage your business. So from now on, try to find out which business model is most appropriate for your online venture . You can start by considering what methods you will use to promote your products. That way, you have tried yourself to create opportunities for your business, not just to wait for these opportunities to come.


  1. You’re not customer oriented

You might prepare everything for your business, from product ideas, capital, to the concept of sales. However, that does not mean the business must always be in accordance with what you think. Instead, you must understand what your customers need, then offer solutions for them to meet those needs. For example, when you want to provide a variety of ice cream products, you certainly need to know the flavor or type of ice cream that many customers are interested in. This stage is the trick of small-scale research in order to make your business in accordance with what the community needs. After that, then you can determine whether you want to sell ice cream from the manufacturer or just make it yourself. In addition to adjusting the desired product of the customer, you can also sell according to the needs of people today. For example, at present, you can also offer a variety of masks and other personal protective equipment so that your customers can reduce the risk of exposure to the Covid-19 virus.


  1. Assume online business is easy to do

Because there is no need to bother renting and maintaining a store, many people assume that online business is much easier than opening a physical store. But in reality, this is not right. Both online and offline businesses need to be managed appropriately, starting from the provision of capital, goods or services, ways of selling, and product prices. In a way, the only thing that distinguishes the two is whether or not there is a place of business. If you already understand this, of course you can more easily overcome the difficulties you face when managing an online business. So when you experience a decrease in turnover, you can start evaluating to overcome it. One way is to hold promotions to attract potential customers. In addition, you can also provide online payment features from Cashlez that make it easy for your customers to make transactions from their respective homes.


Business online generally experience an increase in sales when the pandemic Covid-19 because people tend not to travel, including for shopping. Therefore, you need to use the right strategy to develop your online business.

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