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Korean culture has long been popular among the younger generation of Indonesia. This cultural influence is usually known as hallyu aka the Korean wave, where this phenomenon spread quickly because it was easily accepted by many people. There are various forms of influence, ranging from the habit of listening to Korean Pop (K-Pop) songs, watching Korean dramas, to consuming Korean-style food and snacks.


So, it is normal if we can find Korean songs easily on Indonesian local radios. Likewise, various platforms for drama streaming service providers and restaurants that provide a variety of Korean food. Of course, the emergence of these things cannot be separated from market demand, namely K-Pop fans.


As a K-Pop fan, you can also take advantage of the Korean cultural phenomenon as an opportunity to increase the coffers of money. You see, there are various business opportunities around the K-Pop world that you can run. To get some inspiration, let’s look at some of the following business options in the K-Pop field!


1. K-Pop Merchandise

One product that is often loved by K-Pop lovers is merchandise. If you are interested in running this one business opportunity, you can choose two options. First, you become an official distributor of merchandise or become a reseller of stores or websites that provide these products. Second, you can make your own K-Pop-themed knick-knacks based on your own designs. The various knick-knacks can be in the form of posters, stickers, t-shirts, light sticks, Polaroid K-Pop, and note books.


2. Korean food

In addition to selling K-Pop merchandise, another promising business opportunity is the business of various Korean specialties. If you are a K-Pop and K-Drama lover, you must be familiar with kimchi, jajangmyeon, tteokbokki, and other Korean foods? The ingredients for making these foods are also easy to find! And you can also directly try to make it based on recipes on the internet. Then, you can offer it online and provide a face-to-face payment feature from Cashlez to make it easier for customers!


3. Become a fan-made account admin

Today, we have entered the digital era, which means that all information can be obtained easily through online platforms, including social media. Well, for those of you who have great enthusiasm for the world of social media, the opportunity to become an account admin for K-Pop fans is a must try. In addition to being a provider of information for other K-Popers, this business opportunity will give you the opportunity to review Korean Pop songs.


4. Pre-order service from Korea

Usually, K-Pop lovers are not only interested in trying Korean food or things related to their idols. They also tend to look for knick-knacks from the country of ginseng. Well, this is the right opportunity for you to open a pre-order service that offers a variety of Korean goods, ranging from clothes, accessories, to various snacks that are often shown in Korean dramas.


5. Korean course

As a lover of Korean culture, having Korean language skills will certainly be a plus point for you. When you visit there, you can interact easily, especially when shopping. In addition, this skill can also be your opportunity to increase the coffers of money. Offer Korean language tutoring services from beginner to intermediate level. That way, other K-Pop lovers can also be helped to understand Korean.


6. Korean translator

If you are already fluent in Korean, try starting to offer translation services. You see, there are many opportunities for this one business field, both written and oral translation. Moreover, this business is not only profitable, but also an opportunity for you to deepen your language skills. And if for example you are asked to be a translator for a concert or fan meeting, you can directly interact with K-Pop artists! Of course, this can only be done after the pandemic has passed!


7. Provider of albums and concert tickets

The product that is also the target of many K-Pop lovers is albums. Usually, albums that have been released by girl bands, boy bands, or soloists from Korea will be collected by their fans. You can get these albums online, then resell them to potential customers. Meanwhile, when the pandemic is over, you can also try business opportunities that help K-Pop lovers to get concert tickets.


Being a K-Pop fan in fact not only opens your horizons about Korean culture, but also offers various opportunities to run a business. So, are you ready to become a provider of goods and services for other K-Popers?


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