As a business owner, you surely know that you cannot do everything yourself. There are various things that make you need to work together, for example with a provider of raw materials for production. However, what happens if the supplier that you currently choose often makes you confused? If you have found the following 4 signs, then that means you need to replace the supplier!

1. Their performance doesn’t match your expextation
Even though your vendor offers a very friendly price, you still have to pay attention to its quality. If they do not provide good quality materials, then it is certain that buyers will be disappointed with your merchandise. Every now and then, try visiting a vendor so you can see for yourself the quality of their products.

2. Long production process
When ordering, the vendor states that they are able to complete it. But once it is due, it turns out that the number of goods sent is less, then states that the rest will be sent later. This is not only detrimental to you, the article your customers will definitely be disappointed because they have to wait longer.

3. Always changing
Suppliers who cannot supply your needs according to the agreement will certainly complicate you. The reason is, your business also faltered because you can not do the production process without raw materials from suppliers. Therefore, before working together, try to find as much information as possible about the quality of the supplier.

4. Prices do not match
The important thing that you should also see from your supplier is the price they charge. Because, sometimes there are suppliers who do not set prices according to the quality of their goods or services. Therefore, start looking for similar suppliers so you can compare your supplier prices with other suppliers.

Not all vendors can you rely on to help you run a business. So, make sure you have carefully considered when choosing them to be your vendor!

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