Over time, digital technology is developing more and more rapidly. Reported from Suara.com, in 2022, mobile devices used in Indonesia have reached 370.1 units. This number increased compared to 2021, which was 345.3 million.

Despite the increasing use of smartphones, it turns out that the level of digital literacy in Indonesia is still in the “medium” category. In fact, the higher the digital literacy level of the community, the more positive impacts we can feel, ranging from the ability to critically evaluate information, use data from trusted sources, to communicate effectively on online platforms.

As a business owner, digital literacy will also give you many opportunities to develop your business. You see, not only can you open a business online, but you can also provide non-cash payment services and use the sales report feature so you don’t need to record it manually. Well, to learn digital literacy in business, make sure you practice the following five types of skills! 

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1. Using computers and mobile devices


It is undeniable, the ability to use computers and mobile devices is included as one of the things needed today. You see, basic skills to use computers and mobile devices are required in almost all types of work. Fortunately, this ability is not difficult to learn. Moreover, information about the steps to operate hardware such as computers and laptops is very easy to access. You can also find out how to fix a computer that, for example, has a black screen


2. Solve problems using technology


The digital era does provide many conveniences that were not obtained by previous generations. However, you will still face challenges that arise in everyday life. To solve these problems, you need the ability to use technology as well as digital devices effectively. The ability to solve this problem can be in the form of skills to develop a frame of mind and use data appropriately.


3. Maintain data security


In addition to having the skills to enter and process data, another skill that you should not miss is keeping the data safe. Because basically, the data contained in your business, both sales data, customer emails, to supplier contacts are valuable assets. To maintain data security, you can prepare backups and limit access. 

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4. Ethics of managing data


This ability refers to the understanding you have of the impact of using data. You see, the data you use will affect various aspects, such as the economy, technology, to society. When you understand the ethics for managing data, then you can build the trust of various parties in the business you are running.


5. Data entry capabilities and basic tools


Regardless of the type of business you run, the ability to enter data is something that you must learn. You see, this ability will help you to monitor the performance of your business. In addition to data entry, another ability that you should not miss is the ability to use basic tools, such as making presentations for collaboration proposals with potential business partners or creating marketing content on your business social media. These abilities will be very helpful, especially if you are still starting your own business.


Skills related to digital literacy open up opportunities for you to evaluate and develop your business. In addition, these abilities will also help you to anticipate if there are obstacles or challenges that arise. So, which types of digital literacy skills have you learned?

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