Maintaining good relations with customers is one of the obligations that every businessperson needs to do. Unfortunately, interactions with customers do not always run smoothly because there are times when things happen outside of expectations that cause customers to make complaints. However, according to a business and marketing expert named Tim Reid, complaints can actually open up our opportunities to improve the quality of customer service in your place of business.

According to Reid, it is impossible for us to avoid negative feedback from customers. Even though we have tried our best, there will still be things that do not meet their expectations. Naturally, if we are disappointed if complained because everything we do in our business will be oriented to them. However, on the other hand, try to understand that this can actually be an opportunity for introspection, whether there are things that have been wrong or not.

There are a number of things that Reid suggested so we can handle complaints professionally. First of all, we need to handle complaints based on the time the customer made the transaction. This is because we can receive various forms of customer complaints, ranging from direct, through email, social media, to the telephone. If we do make a mistake, then make sure we solve the problem so that it does not harm the customer.

In addition to handling customer complaints based on transaction time, we also need to maintain communication with customers. So as soon as a complaint comes in, make sure we give a message containing the statement that the complaint has been received and will be processed further. Regardless of how much criticism we get, we still need to maintain our attitude and speak professionally. We can also make this a valuable lesson in serving various types of customers.

Meanwhile, to be professional, we also need to avoid several things. Some of them are ignoring, arguing with customers, and asking questions that have been answered by customers. When carried away with emotion, we are guaranteed to regret what we have done. Customers will be increasingly disappointed, so your business reputation will be decreased.
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