Have you ever seen or experienced an increase in sales at certain moments? Maybe, you still think it’s just a coincidence. However, basically taking advantage of moments in everyday life is very important! Special celebrations such as Eid al-Fitr can be an opportunity for businesses to improve the customer shopping experience.


Therefore, you should not miss special moments that can make your business grow. Moreover, this opportunity is not only present during the holidays, but you can also associate it with your business products. For example, every April 7, the world community commemorates World Health Day. Well, this celebration can be the right time for business people in the health sector to reach more audiences. So, what needs to be done so that you can optimize your business through special moments? Follow these tricks!

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1. Look for unique things from customer tendencies


Basically, to take advantage of the moment in business, you are not advised to treat every customer the same. On the contrary, start interacting with customers through a personal approach. This does not mean that you need to ask about them, but that you are aware of them and show appreciation for them.

For example, when they bring their own shopping bags, you can give them a compliment and thank them for their concern for protecting the environment. While this can be done at any time, this tip can allow you to create moments to show respect for your customers.


2. Offer customer-beneficial solutions


Ahead of Eid al-Fitr later, there may be many of your customers who are busy adjusting their expenses. Moreover, there are various things that need to be done, from setting aside money to return to their hometown, buying new clothes, to various pastries that are usually eaten together with the family.

Well, from here, you can introduce them to the promotional program that you created. These offers will help them to shop more efficiently, for example with discounts or the opportunity to buy other products at affordable prices.

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3. Aim for a specific moment


Another tip that you need to do in order to improve business performance through moments is to target specific moments. Then, start preparing a strategy to bring that moment to your business so that it attracts the attention of potential customers.

For example, in this month of Ramadan, you can hold a flash sale event, which is an opportunity to shop for items at affordable prices but limited stock. So, customers will compete to get the product.


4. Make changes that have a positive impact


So that you can attract the attention of potential customers, of course you also need to make changes yourself. So, make sure you always do an evaluation to find out what things you can develop in your business. Maybe the changes you make will have a bigger impact than you think.


For example, you provide the Cashlez payment system that accepts a variety of non-cash transaction options, from credit/debit cards, virtual accounts, to QRIS. Maybe, at first you thought that this system would help customers not to bother queuing. But apart from that, you will also manage your business more effectively because you don’t need to manually recapitulate your income.


Your success in taking advantage of the moment to develop your business can be seen when your customers are interested in following the offers you provide. Therefore, make sure to focus on improving the customer’s shopping experience!

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