Increasing the number of customers is indeed one of the most common challenges faced by business owners. Moreover, before deciding to shop, potential customers will usually also make various considerations. Some of them look at the quality of the product, the price offered, to the comparison with competitor product

In order for your business to remain competitive, of course you also need to prepare ways to increase customer convenience while showing that your product is the most appropriate choice for them. Well, one strategy that you can try is through the provision of the installment feature. This feature allows customers to transact in installments over a certain period such as 3 months or 6 months.


Use of Business Installment and Cashflow Features


The presence of installments does make it easy for buyers to make payments. However, will this feature affect the cash flow of the business? Of course, this depends on the type of installment that you provide. If you work with third parties such as banks, of course you don’t have to worry about your business finances being affected.

In addition, as reported by, the value of credit card transactions in Indonesia also grew by 35.78% yoy in January 2022. This can certainly be a consideration for you to provide an installment option using a credit card. Moreover, installment is not only helping your customers, but also you as a business owner to grow.

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Provide installment features to develop your business


The installment feature that you provide can make your business run more optimally and grow. Want to know what are the benefits of this feature? Check out the following description!


1. Adjust the customer’s budget


The products offered by business actors of course have varying prices. There are products that are quite affordable, such as snacks and products that are quite high in price, such as electronic goods. When you provide an installment payment option, you can make it easier for customers to shop without worrying about going over their budget limit. So, instead of spending big money, they have higher purchasing power because they can pay off the products they buy.


2. Increase customer loyalty


Another benefit that you can also feel when providing the installment feature is increasing customer loyalty. You see, your customer satisfaction level will also increase because they can get the products they need easily. Of course, the payment option is one of their considerations to return to shopping at your store.


3. Optimizing payment technology


The presence of payment technology will basically make it easier for business actors to manage their business. Through the presence of the installment feature at your place of business, you have indirectly increased your business through advances in payment technology. Now, you no longer need to bother recording sales manually, but check them directly on the existing system.

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4. Flexible payment period


Compared to business owners who have not provided installments, businesses that have provided installments can make the shopping process more flexible. You see, there is a choice of payment periods that customers can choose, ranging from 3 months to 12 months. For those of you who use the Cashlez App, you can apply for the Mandiri installment or BNI installment feature!


Ease of payment through installments not only helps your customers to transact more flexibly, but also helps you to improve quality and customer satisfaction. Provide this one feature practically through the Cashlez App!

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