As one of the plant that can be basic daily needs, horticulture business is one of the promising opportunities. Market demand for crops such as vegetables and fruit will always be there, and even tends to surge when it is approaching the celebration moments such as Eid al-Fitr and Christmas. So, do not be surprised if this one business is known as sustainable business. Well, if you are interested in becoming a businessman in the field of horticulture, 5 types of plants that promise this benefit can you consider!

1. Organic farming business
Organic farming business opportunities become one of the promising horticultural business opportunities for two reasons. First, people today have realized the importance of consuming food that are free of pollutants. Therefore, they also tend to look for agricultural products that are healthy and organically processed. Unlike the case with traditional agricultural products that are managed using pesticides. The second reason why promising organic farming opportunities are due to the demand from supermarkets, restaurants and modern markets. If you can work together with these parties, then you can directly distribute agricultural products easily, without offering to prospective buyers again.

2. Hydroponic farming
Many agribusiness actors complain that it is difficult to find agricultural land that can be used. Moreover, if the land is not fertile, the yields will also not be of maximum quality so that it affects the income that will be obtained. However, this problem can actually be overcome by doing hydroponic farming. This type of agriculture does not require fertile land. In this system, the most important thing is a good irrigation system because plants do not take nutrients from the soil. For urban people, this farming method is very suitable, it can even be done indoors.

3. Ornamental plants
In addition to focusing on agricultural products, horticultural businesses can also focus on providing ornamental plants. There are many ornamental plant enthusiasts who are looking for various plants to channel their hobbies. To do business in this sector, you should plant in the highlands and mountains that have a cool climate. Most of the ornamental plants are suitable to be planted in this climate. So that your business continues to improve, you should follow the development of ornamental plants that are trending. In addition, you also need to plant flowers that are popular with the public.

4. Selling chili
As one of the commodities that is popular among the people, especially spicy lovers, growing chili is a business opportunity that you should consider. Because regardless of the price increase every year or at moments before Lebaran, people will still look for chili. There are many types of chili plants that you can try planting, ranging from large red chili to curly chili. Before planting chilies, make sure you start at the right time of the season. Because the season greatly influences your chili yields.

5. Selling vanilla
Vanilla is indeed a crop that is less popular among horticultural businesses. This is because not all regions have a favorable climate for growing vanilla. However, selling vanilla can provide promising benefits. This is because consumer demand is not only from within the country, but also from other countries. Over the past few years, vanilla prices have also continued to rise. The better the quality of vanilla, the higher the price offered.

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