Fintech as the new age of business gives advantage of cutting edge technologies in innovation. Reported from, the number of fintech companies in Indonesia has grown 78% since 2015, while 44% of the companies provide payment service.  Even though it is relatively young, fintech grows quickly and influences banking and payment spheres. The sophisticated progress of the fintech industry brings positive impacts to the job market. There are a number of jobs available in various positions, so we don’t have to be an expert in financial markets or technology to join this field.


The Media and Public Relation of Cashlez, Devi Febriana will explain why working in a fintech startup company is a great opportunity everyone should not skip. Previously, Depu – the nickname of this Media and PR,thought that Cashlez was just a technology company, like most of us who are not engaged in this industry. But as she has started to join Cashlez, she becomes familiar with fintech and the types of this sector, such as payment gateway, landing, and insurtech. Depu didn’t even know what the term of MDR was as what she usually heard was “the charged fee.”


The unfamiliarity that Depu faced is totally normal for many fintech team members, especially who were not from the similar sector. Two years before becoming the Media and PR in Cashlez, Depu had a PR career in the fashion and lifestyle industry. That is obviously different from her current workplace. However, the unfamiliarity didn’t mean that one shall give up. Interested in the technology company and knowing its potential, Depu is sure that this challenge can allow her to keep growing.


So, how is it like to work in the fintech industry? For Depu, the first thing is that you will learn a lot, whether from her former experience, internet, or book. As a Media and Public Relation, she has to get to know more about Cashlez so that she can do the best to fulfill her responsibility in collaborating with partners and media. The fintech itself tends to appreciate team work rather than just intellect.


For a PR career like Depu has, collaborating with the others, namely CEO, Creative Design, Business Development, Corsec, Financial Partnership, IT, and Marcomm is necessary. You can’t get into the next step if you can’t work with the others to finish the previous one. “Luckily, I am surrounded by Cashlezians who are very cooperative, said Depu.


Working in the fintech industry is a new challenge for us to improve our own specialities. There are also many millenials who usually have many new ideas. Depu herself admits that she’s got plenty of collaboration experience with bank, fintech company, and also fintech association, therefore, she is able to broaden her networking as well. Moreover, there are also various media focused on fintech that help her to get media networking as well as new journalist colleagues.


Being a part of a fintech company may give you challenges, but you will be fully pleased when you succeed to accomplish your responsibilities. For Devi who is the only one involved in Media and PR, it is her responsibility to create the strategy as well as execute it. Depu, whose colleagues often know her as a “santuy” a.k.a chill individual emphasized the importance of doing what you love and loving what you do. It enables you to enjoy and reduce stress. This will also become easier when you can manage the time between working days and weekends.

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