It is essential for all of us to find ways that will improve our lives. For Mario Alwyn Setijadi, our VP, HR, and GA, this can be started with doing simple observations, both during the working hours and the leisure time. Mario is a very social person. He loves to talk, share stories, and listen to his colleagues, but sometimes he also chooses to be alone so that he can have a short escape, enjoy being nowhere, and become a solo traveler. For him, exploring something new enables us to recharge the energy we had spent. So when we come back, we will become better individuals surrounded with positive vibes.


Having been abroad for about 20 years, Mario also observes the place he lives in. “I was born and lived in Jakarta before I got opportunities to live in other countries. There are some things in Jakarta that never change.” This city could be depicted as an aquarium which has many fish, but still moves despite its hustle and bustle. People just carry on, accept its traffic congestion as  well as the polluted air. “Sometimes, you can also find the beautiful side of this place,” he said. Before “pulang kampung” a.k.a moved back to Jakarta, some of his inner circle asked him to reconsider his decision. But, he had made up his mind, even though he experienced culture shock in the first time.


Facing struggles is normal, especially when we start something new. Mario, who was just arrived in Jakarta, also started his career in a place that is quite different from his previous experiences. He joined Cashlez, a startup company, that offers financial services to make the transaction more convenient, both for the merchants and the customers. It was a benefit for him because he actually has a financial and banking background, but the culture of a startup is different to a big company.


In general, a startup is an early-stage venture, so it is still on progress to find a profitable business model. We can also say that the startup ecosystem is much more diverse, challenging, and interesting. The job in this company will require us to evolve frequently. Every challenge is an opportunity for us to step in and add value. When he was joined Cashlez in May 2018, Mario was responsible for the corporate development, but within less than a year, his role was moved to quality assurance. Now, in his second year, he was promoted to VP HR GA & Procurement. 


There is no such thing as better or worse, whether you work in a startup or in a big company as both give you satisfaction to develop your skills and experiences. Working is not always about making money, but it is more about following your passion. Therefore, you will be able to achieve your dreams. Good days and bad days always exist, but every single task you’ve completed affects the others. Be open to everyone’s feedback as it allows you to enrich your skill. “The more your learn and understand how things work, the better performance you can do. And not to forget, get regular exercise to keep a healthy mind and body!”

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