Hi, Cashlez Merchant!

In order to break the chain of spread of Covid-19, we certainly need to do #PhysicalDistancing. Moreover, the government has also implemented PSBB (Large-Scale Social Restrictions) in several major cities in Indonesia. Even so, Cashlez Merchants must remain optimistic because Cashlez still supports you improve the economic’s growth in Indonesia. To stay safe, let’s apply #SalingJaga by Merchant Cashlez tips!

1. Provide hand sanitizers and wash basins in each store
2. Provides masks for all store staff
3. Make sure all staff are in good health and wash their hands regularly
4. Provide non-cash payment options (credit cards, debit cards, and digital payments)
5. Temporarily, do not allow the use of tumblers or a place to eat alone
6. Provide delivery option to your customers who #DiRumahAja
7. For non face to face payment, use Online Payment feature from Cashlez Link or Virtual Account Artajasa (ATM-B) in Cashlez App.

The more we can protect ourselves, the sooner this chain of Covid-19 deployment ends. Let’s fight with this pandemic together!

Cashlez, Integrated Business and Payment Solution for You.
#JualanJadiGampang pakai Cashlez.

With love,


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